Horatio Gets a New Home

Getting rid of pets is hard.

Horatio is my turtle that I have had for half of my life.  I even have him tattooed on my foot.


On New Years Eve I got him all ready and took him to his new home.  My best friends daughter had been wanting a turtle for a couple of years now.  I asked her a few weeks back if she still wanted one and if she would like Horatio and she said yes.  She was very excited about it.  I procrastinated for weeks on getting him over to her.  I finally bit the bullet on New Years and took him over there.

It was a little easier than I expected.  Maybe because he is not a cuddly pet or maybe because he went to someone that I am really close to and will never lose contact with. Whatever the reason, I’m happy that he got a good home and it wasn’t as heartbreaking as I expected.

I have a cat and a dog that are still going to need homes and my sister has two cats, a bird, and a bearded dragon.  The dog will go to my parents house so that one will be easy.  I’m not sure about the cats, and honestly, giving up Sid (my cat) is going to be the hardest thing in this whole experience.  For my sister it will be Monet (her bird).  We have a few more months to work all of that out and prepare for it.  I’m sure we will have a post for each one when they find new homes.

Horatio before he goes to his new home

Horatio before he goes to his new home

Horatio loves strawberries

Horatio loves strawberries


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