The Vacation That Changed Everything

Last year about this time I had decided that I wanted to attend the Muddy Roots Festival in Tennessee.  Actually, buy this time last year I had already bought my tickets and made sure I could get the time off (kind of, that is where this story begins).  I had decided that I was going to attend Muddy Roots toward the end of 2011.  I had one problem though, my annual sales meeting at work (which I plan & attend every year) fell the same week as Muddy Roots.  I had to talk with my boss to see what the possibility of changing the dates were.  I finally got around to talking to him about it in December of 2011.  We decided to move the meeting up a week and shorten it.  This worked wonderfully for me since I had planned on driving to Tennessee.  I bought my Muddy Roots tickets on Christmas day and started planning my trip and my sales meeting.  Fast forward to May 2012.  I am finalizing my contracts with the hotel we decided on holding our event at and my sales guys are asking questions about dates and locations.  I tell a few of them the dates and the reason for the change.  While one of my sales guys is in my office, the office manager comes in and joins the conversation about the dates of the meeting.  She starts whining that it is the week of her birthday and why did we change the dates and blah, blah, blah.  I tell her that I hadn’t had a chance to tell her about it or request the days off yet, but I want to take vacation the week following this years sales meeting.  She doesn’t say much and leaves my office.  This is when my work life becomes a living hell.  Apparently because I did not ask for vacation time first, but instead did the logical thing and asked my boss if we could rearrange the dates of the sales meeting, I was an underhanded and sneaky bitch.  My office manager went straight to the big boss and told him how sneaky I was and what a liar I was.  All because I hadn’t asked her permission to have the days off for vacation before I asked my boss if we could change the meeting dates.  I was waiting for the contracts for the hotel to be finalized before I requested any time off.  If things didn’t go the way I wanted them to and I couldn’t get the dates I wanted, I wanted to remain flexible.  My office manager did not see it this way.  To this day, I do not understand the logic in asking for vacation days first when I know that we have a meeting that week every year.  Anyway, that was the start of something that would end up changing my life forever.

My office manager didn’t talk to me after that unless absolutely necessary.  I turned in my request for vacation and it was granted without a word (actually she never responded to it, but later when I requested a 1/2 day for something else she said I used all my time up already, so I knew I had gotten the time off for Muddy Roots).  The sales meeting went off without a hitch and all the sudden it was time for me to leave on vacation and head to Muddy Roots.  The my last day of work before vacation my manager didn’t speak one word to me, no “have a good trip” or “See you when you get back” there was nothing.  No big deal to me.  I was going to be on the road for 13 days and didn’t care what anyone else thought.  We loaded up the car that night and started our journey.

We had as much fun and crammed as much sight seeing possible into those 13 days.  We traveled part of Route 66, Saw the Grand Canyon, and Meteor Crater, went to Cadillac Ranch, stayed in crappy motels, and listened to great live music along the way.  We also talked a lot about how much we were both miserable with our jobs and our city and how wonderful people where everywhere else.  We were sad when the trip came to an end and we were back in Fresno.

Since then we had talked about quitting our jobs and traveling.  In December 2012 we finally decided to quit talking about it and just do it.  Nothing was going to change until we did. That is where we are now.  We have been working on selling our things and getting used to the idea that in six months we are going to change our lives forever.  We are a month into our adventure of preparing to leave and I am FINALLY getting around to posting our first blog entry. YAY me!  It really is hard to find time to write blog entries, work full time, sort thru all our possessions, post things on E-bay, Amazon, and wherever else we can to sell them, and live life.  We promise to keep up with this on at least a weekly basis once we get out on the road!

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