It’s a New Month!

 It’s finally February!  We are VERY excited about this.  January was too long! 

 This month brings two out of town road trips to see some awesome bands.  One to see The Pine Box Boys and The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit in Modesto and the other takes us to San Francisco to see The Dirty Hand Family Band and The Phenomenauts at Slims.   We are looking forward to both of them.  While, Lacy got out of town a couple of times in January, I wasn’t able too and I’m starting to go stir crazy! 

 Another exciting thing happening in February is; I’m starting an online photography class! I can’t wait.  I bought myself a nifty new camera last month and haven’t done much with it.  Hopefully that will be changing as of next week!  I would love to take better pictures of all the bands that we see and when we are out on the road I know there are going to be lots of amazing opportunities for great pictures.  I really want to take advantage of it all. 

 And finally, February means that we only have 5-1/2 months left until we leave!!!! 

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