Theme Thursday – Piles

I was super excited when the Clan Donaldson Theme Thursday Schedule popped up on my Facebook feed Sunday, that was until I read this weeks theme.  Piles??  What the heck am I going to take a picture of?  A boring pile of leaves?  Wooden Piles?  Maybe if I could get a picture like This it would be worth it, but I don’t see that happening.  Whatever you do, do NOT Google piles looking for inspiration.   You did it didn’t you?  I warned you.  It is NO inspiration at all!!

So Monday rolls around and I get home from work and start working on selling stuff for our move.  I look at the laundry basket filled with shoes that are for sale and think, a pile of shoes!  I grab my camera and snap a picture.

White Balance - Cloudy ISO 6400 F8

White Balance – Cloudy ISO 6400 F8

I’m not impressed and look around the house for a pile of something else but there is nothing.

Lacy comes into the living room and hand me a stack of cash for bills.  She says, “You’re lucky.  I just happened to have $127 in cash from yard sale money so you get bill money right away.”  I take the money and say, “Piles of money!”  Lacy gives me a weird look and I explain this weeks theme.  She looks around the living room and says, “Piles of salt shakers?’  I look over and there is a pile of salt & pepper shakers on the table that Dad brought over for me to put on my Etsy site.

WB Auto ISO 6400 F8

WB Auto ISO 6400 F8

Still not impressive.

So I take Lacy’s cash, grab the cash in  my purse and my stash from my room and make a pile of money.  Normally we do not have piles of money laying around the house, but since we have been selling so much stuff and spent the whole weekend having yard sales, Voila! A pile of money!


WB Warm White Florescent ISO 6400 F3.5

This week was a challenging one, but I got creative and pulled it off!  I also challenged myself to incorporate our moving experience with the photo theme and that seemed to work out for me too.  Next week is Green and I already have some fun ideas for that one.  Ok, I already have pictures on my computer that I know I am going to use for that one, but trust me, it will be fun.  I also have a fun one planned for Thursday the 21st.  That one is going to use some pictures from this past summer, but will also include a video!  Look at me planning ahead instead of flying by the seat of my pants!

Make sure you head over to Clan Donaldson and check out the rest of the Theme Thursday bloggers!

7 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Piles

  1. You’re right. Never google for photo inspiration. That picture you linked to was beautiful.
    But I love your piles. The stack of dolla dolla bills, yo cracks me up.

    I have a friend who collects salt and pepper shakers. I’m going to have to direct her to your Etsy shop.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • I haven’t had the time this week to get them photographed and loaded on my Etsy, but they will be coming soon! Maybe this will give me some motivation to get it done tonight.

  2. Haha, C. You haven’t lost your awesome sense of humor. I laughed all the way through this post. Love the salt shakers and shoes, and you KNOW I love me some dolla bills!

    • Thanks! I am having so much fun with these Theme Thursdays. They give me a direction to go with my blog and makes our process of selling all of our stuff seem more interesting. I’m REALLY excited for the 21st! That is my favorite blog I have written so far!

  3. believe it or not, I thought about making a pile of dollar bills. I have some for gifting occasions for the grandchildren. Really nice photos!

    and planning ahead? seriously? you’ve got me beat.

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