The Week in Review

I really really wanted to start a week in review segment today, but of course I left the house without my flash drive today…  My flash drive that had all my blog notes on it and all the pictures I wanted to upload to Craigslist and my Facebook yard sale groups today.  Guess I’ll be up late posting photos tonight to try to catch up and it looks like I will be winging this first week in review.  Not really the impression I wanted to make with it, but oh well, that is how life goes these days.

Let see if I can remember everything from last week.

We did pretty well with selling things.  Lacy finally sold one of her large terrariums and made a few extra bucks by delivering it.   I was nickle and dimed to death all week and kept making little sales, but I guess it is better than nothing! We both sold a few items that we had listed on Amazon and I had my socks sell on E-bay (yes, socks, that will be a whole blog post of it’s own soon).  I quickly discovered that the socks were missing and I had to e-mail the person this morning telling them I would have to issue them a refund or a replacement (super lame).

We planned on having a yard sale this Sunday and I spent all night Saturday preparing for it.  I pulled out a bunch of bakeware and glassware and cleaned it all up and priced it all.  Then we decided that we needed a break and slept in instead.  I still had the intention of having a mid-morning yard sale, but that didn’t happen either.  Instead I watched Alaskan State Troopers on Netflix all day.  I did sell a wallet for $3.00 via Facebook Yard Sale though.  Woo Hoo!  Big money!  I did also photograph all the the items to list online this week (and left it all on my flash drive at home today).

Saturday was at least a productive day.  I took the car in to American Tire and they rotated and balanced my tires.  I love American tire.  They take such good care of you in there.  I made an appointment for 9am and got there a few minutes early and I was out of there by 9:15!  After American Tire I went to PepBoys and got an oil change an new windshield wipers.  All of these things are just steps toward selling my car.  Earlier this week I replaced the windshield in it.  All I have left to do is get it detailed and then I can put it up for sale.  It makes my tummy do a little flip flop to actually say that I am going to sell it.  It’s kind of funny the things we get attached to.

The rest of Saturday was spent with mom, who brought down a bunch of purses and wallets and other goodies for us to sell.  Thanks Mom!

I’m sure I am leaving out something interesting from last week, but I guess that is just how it will have to be for now.   Hopefully next weeks review will be a little more organized.  We can hope anyway!

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