The Ridiculousness of Selling Things Online

People amaze me, they really do.

We have been selling things everywhere we can think of; On E-bay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Craigslist, any place we can post something to sell.  And let me tell you, people can be...stupid,  annoying,  interesting to say the least.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who buy things on Ebay and don’t pay for them. Why are you bidding on something you don’t intend to pay for?  Even worse is when they use the Buy it Now option and THEN don’t pay for it.  Who does that?? And WHY?  It makes absolutely NO sense to me at all. Luckily I haven’t run into too much of a problem with this one.  I have had a couple people not pay for auctions and E-bay credits you if they do not pay and they have always re-sold.  I do currently have a purse that was bought with the buy it now option that is not paid for.  I am hoping that they are just waiting for pay day.

This week has been the week for most difficult shoppers.

I have a hoodie on E-bay right now for $5.99 auction with a buy it now price of $12.00 (it was at $15.00 but it changed because of this person).  I received an e-mail that said “12 shipped?”  I replied back, “Are you asking if I will sell it for $12 including shipping OR is E-bay saying that the shipping costs are $12?”  Because really people? You can’t write out a simple e-mail that says, “hey, would you sell this for $12.00 shipped?”  Turns out he did want it for $12.00 shipped, which I was fine with.  I told him I would go change all the setting so he could buy in now at $12.00 with free shipping.  I changed everything and he did nothing.  No, I take that back, he watched the auction.  So I went back in and changed the shipping so it was not free and e-mailed the guy to let him know that he would only get free shipping if he bought the hoodie at the buy it now price and I would give it to him at the time of purchace.  Someone else is currently bidding on the item and secretly I hope they outbid this guy just for making me do extra work for no reason.

Then there are the people on Facebook.  I belong to several Facebook groups for selling things online.  There is a few yard sale groups, one for purses and wallets, an everything’s a dollar group (where everything is not a dollar), and a couple of free stuff to give away groups.  These can be great places to sell stuff and give stuff away and they can also be a huge headache.  People are real quick to say they want an item, but are not very quick to respond to you or pick the item up.  They also act like you live in another state when you tell them where you live.  One of the wonderful things about Fresno is, it only take you 15 minutes to get anywhere.  If you want something bad enough, you can drive 15 minutes or less to get it.  I had one woman ask my cross streets and when I told her she said it was too far out of her way.  She lives 3 miles away from me.

My favorites on Facebook today have been the two people who have asked “For all four?” on a picture of a tire (with rim) with a price of $20, because I am selling 4 tires and rims for $20.00.  Use logic people! Then there was the lady who wanted me to deliver a lamp that was a dollar.  She is not far from my house, but with gas the way it is, a dollar to drive down the street defeats the whole purpose of selling the thing.

Now excuse me while I scream into this pillow and  go back to posting on Facebook.

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