It’s a Green Theme Thursday

Warning:  I’m going to get a little artsy on this Theme Thursday.

When I first started my online photo class last month, Monet was my subject for everything.  Actually, let’s back up a bit, when I bought my camera in January Monet was my test subject to try out all the modes and effects.  Than is mainly what you are going to see here today.

One of my favorite effects on the camera is the selective color effect. You can select a color and the camera will only pick up that color or, depending on how you adjust it, different hues of that color.  So Monet can look like this:
16678_10200204944032004_2075009112_nOr I can take the green away and just show the orange colors on him like this:

603366_10200204942831974_798717754_nI’m sure you can see why I like this effect so much.  It makes for very cool pictures.

While I was going through my closet the other day I found this guy

Annalee Spider Mobile

Annalee Spider Mobile

I don’t know if you have ever seen Annalee Dolls before or not, but they are something else.  We have little Elf ones that my mom sets out every Christmas.  My sister and I used to think they were the creepiest things in the world and know we fight over who is going to get them (just kidding, my sister and I rarely fight and when we do it goes something like this:  “I don’t want to talk to you right now.”  5 minutes of silence if that.  “Look at the goat!” or something else just as random).

Anyway, if you would like to see what this guy looks like in full color, click on the picture and it will take you to my Etsy page where is available to whomever wants to give him a new home.

Did you also notice the pile of salt & pepper shakers in the background of this picture?  They too are finally uploaded to my Etsy page.  Feel free to browse around.

And now for my final green picture…..

iCommit - More like I wanna vomit

iCommit – More like I wanna vomit

This wonderful little package was a Groupon deal I bought.  It came with these protein shakes, vitamins, and some fat blocker stuff.  The shakes were disgusting!  I choked down one and I was over it.  So today I put them on my Facebook yard sale site for $10.00 thinking, “who is going to pay for this stuff?”  Apparently a lot of people!  I had several messages of people saying they wanted it and confirming that it was ONLY $10.00.

It just amazes me at what people buy.  I have a knockoff Coach purse that I am selling for $20.00.  It is brand new and I can’t sell it, but gross protein shakes I probably could have gotten $20.00 for.  Maybe I should have put the protein shakes IN the purse and sold it for $30.00!

Hope you enjoyed my random green adventure blog today!  Make sure you head over to Clan Donaldson and see all the other Green blogs!

14 thoughts on “It’s a Green Theme Thursday

    • Groupon is not on my list of favorites today either! I ordered the Go Picnic deal a few weeks back and was super excited when it arrived yesterday, until I opened the box. They sent Peanut butter when I wanted Sunbutter. I looked at my receipt and it looks like I accidentally ordered the wrong one (don’t know how, I hate the peanut butter one) and they will NOT exchange it. It’s sad that will go to waste. What if I had a peanut allergy? I wonder if they would exchange it then? Anyway, I’m ranting. The iChange wasn’t ALL bad, just the shakes were gross, but they found a happy home in the end!

    • Oh, he says pretty bird once in awhile. Mostly he like to say, “What are you doing? Huh?” It’s cute until he repeats it over and over for hours! The other day he whispered, “Are you a good boy?” and it was the creepiest thing I had ever heard! The best though is that he laughs just like me and my sister so when we are not home and the roommate is there he gets freaked out because he can hear us laughing but no one is home!

  1. Hahahahaha! iVomit shakes in a Coach purse! Marketing is so tricky!

    Also, “are you a good boy” would freak me the FLIP out, yo! Ay ay ay!

    And I really like the contrast between the first and second photos. Really really cool.

    • Usually when he says, “are you a good boy?” he says it in Lacy’s voice & it is just like when you ask your dog, “Who’s a good boy?”. This time it was real hushed and creepy. My favorite is when I walk in the bedroom and he says HIIIIIIIIIII! He says lot’s of fun stuff!

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