The Week in Review

Monday – Today has been 100 times better than the whole weekend.  I’ve already made $35 on three things since I have been home and sold 2 things on E-bay and one on Amazon.  Awesome!

Thursday – accepted a promotion job that will make me $550 toward our trip.  I’ll be working every Saturday in May and all but one Saturday in June, but it is easy work and it will be worth the extra money! (actually added one more day to this so I’ll be making over $600 toward the trip)

Saturday – Did really well selling stuff off Facebook. Made $50! Not bad at all.

Not an exciting week.  Took a few days off to relax a bit and re-group.

Took a much needed trip to  Sequoia National Park on Sunday.   I can’t wait until we get to spend more time in the parks.

Weekly stats:
Packages shipped: 7
E-bay sales: 4
Craigslist sales: 1
Amazon sales: 1
Facebook sales: 11
Ebay sales not paid for: 1

Keep an eye out for my post (complete with pictures) of our trip to Sequoia National Park.  Here is a preview picture….

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Review

  1. Keep at it. It took me months to sell all my stuff before my trip!!! A little technique I did when posting ads for sale is to tell people why I was selling my stuff, to take off and travel indefinitely. People thought it was so cool, they didn’t really argue with me on price because they wanted to support my dream in a small way. 3 months will fly by fast and before you know it you’ll be on your trip!

    • Thanks for the awesome tip! I didn’t even think about that! Three months feels like forever until I think about all the stuff we still need to do, then if feels like we don’t have enough time. I know it will all workout in the end though.

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