A Rough Week (in Review)

Last week was really rough.  I can’t tell you what we sold, what progress we made toward our goal, or much of anything related to our trip at all.  All I know is we experienced a huge amount of loss last week.

If you read my Theme Thursday post last week, you know that we lost my mom’s dog Murphy.  Mom also had a horse that she was boarding that had to be put down on Tuesday due to a huge kidney stone that caused something to rupture. Then there was Thursday, Thursday was the worst day of all.  Thursday we had to say goodbye to Kitty.

Kitty is Lacy’s cat and she was 17 years old this month.  Kitty was never fond of me.  She spent her entire life hissing at me and trying to bite me.  I don’t know what it was, but the cat just did NOT like me one bit.  Personally, I think she associated me with an injury she had as a kitten (I was the one to pick her up from the vet).  Pretty sure she remembered that her whole life.  Whatever her issue with me was, this last time that Lacy moved in with me Kitty decided I was her new best friend.  If I was sitting anywhere in the house she had to be sitting on me or next to me.  I began to feel like I had a little furry growth attached to me.   Last week she didn’t sit with me at all though.  There was a pile of blankets that kept getting left on the couch or the floor and we thought one of the cats was peeing on it.  Sid and Pixie (our other two cats) got locked outside because of it.  Tuesday night I was sitting on the couch and got of whiff of what smelled like cat pee.  I got up to investigate and the blanket that Kitty was lying on was soaking wet.  I thought it was really weird that she would be lying in pee and not notice.  I moved her and threw the blanket out in the garage to be washed.  Wednesday Kitty was still in the same spot on the pile of blankets on the couch.  I notice that she was drooling really bad and the blankets were all wet again.  Turns out that it was her drool that kept soaking the blankets and making them smell (Lovely huh?).  She had a glazed look on her face and didn’t respond if you petted her or walked past her.  Her eyes would make a slight movement like she was saying, “Why are you touching me? Just leave me be.”  but that was it.   I sat on the couch with her and read my book until well past my bedtime because I was scared to leave her alone.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I left a note for Lacy to check on her when she got up in the morning & Lacy knew too, something wasn’t right with Kitty.  Thursday was the same.  Lacy and I talked about it all day via text messages and decided that we needed to take her in to the vet and most likely put her down.  She was obviously suffering and we couldn’t let her go through that.  I called and made an appointment and left work early to go pick up Lacy and Kitty.

We decided to have an evaluation done on her before we made any decisions even though we knew what the end result was already going to be.  Kitty was having kidney failure.  The vet walked us through everything and in the end the best decision was to put her down.  We said our goodbyes and cried and cried and they came and got Kitty.  I’m starting to get choked up all over again just from writing this.  The really sad part was once we pulled her out of her crate she was more active than she had been all week.  She was purring and seemed happy (except for when the vet took her temperature) and was enjoying being petted.  It made our decision that much harder.

It’s always a difficult decision to put an animal down.  You question your decision.  Was it the right thing to do? What if she could have gotten better? What if she wasn’t ready to go yet?  But as hard as it is, we know we did the right thing for her.  She was obviously in pain and she had a long and happy life and it was time to let her go.

R.I.P. Kitty

Kitty on her last day with us.  We miss you!

Kitty on her last day with us. We miss you!

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