Week in Review

Monday started the week off well.  Everyone that was scheduled to pick up items actually did and on time so I was able to make it to the gym.

Tuesday- sold a purse on E-bay and a book yesterday on Amazon, shipping both out today.  Have 4 more people scheduled to pick up stuff today, plus one for tomorrow.  The past few days have totally made up for this past weekend.  I think we are going to have a really good month.  I also have someone that is interested in buying a set of tires I have on Craigslist for my dad.  I don’t know how much we get out of that deal, but I know we get something!

Lacy was having doubts still and talked to a few people this week that made her feel better.  She asked her boyfriend and a co-worker, “Would you give up everything, your job, security, all of that, to take off and travel?”  They both said yes.  Her co-worker has a child, so he can’t just up and leave and her boyfriend just got an awesome job that he loves so he has no desire to leave.  She doesn’t have kids and hates her job, so the things that are stopping them from traveling are not stopping her.  She felt better getting reassurance from other people that it wasn’t a totally crazy idea and that the benefits far outweighed the sacrifices.  Now, if we could just get her over the fact that we will be living in a van (down by the river) we will be ok.

Lacy and I love to tell people we are going to live in a van down by the river.

Lacy and I love to tell people we are going to live in a van down by the river.

Saturday I participated in my 7th MS Walk.

7 Years of MS Walk Medals

7 Years of MS Walk Medals

Sunday I was posting some more stuff to the Facebook yard sale groups when a guy asked, “Are you moving or just flat out broke? You post like every hour on this site!”  I replied, “I haven’t added anything since last week. And I’m moving.”  I wish I would have replied, “I’m a recovering hoarder and this is the stuff that I have held onto for the last year.  I’m trying to get rid of it before I slip back into a sickness that I can’t recover from.”  But, you know, you always think of what you should have said after it is too late.  I just don’t understand why people have to be such jerks.  What is it to him if I am broke or not and who is he to bring it to the attention of all of the Facebook group?  If I was selling stuff because I was broke, it would have most likely really embarrassed me to be called out like that.  No one wants to admit their financial troubles.  Besides, it is a online yard sale group, we are there to post and sell things.  I think what bothers me most is that the comment bothers me at all.  I let it get under my skin for some reason. 

After the rude comment of Facebook I felt a little defeated with selling stuff and decided to work on some crafts.  I ran into a couple of bumps with that, but quickly figured out a solution to my problem and got to work.  I am feeling 100 time better just being creative and not stressing about what we need to sell.

And now on to a new week!

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