Week in Review

I’m starting this post 1/2 way thru the week and I feel like we have done a whole lot of nothing so far this week!  All I did on Monday was go thru a bin of movies to see what we could trade in to Amazon.  There was only $11 and some change worth of movies there, but at least we got rid of a few of them.

On Tuesday I signed up for more secret shop companies and accepted another job for Friday.  I had JUST told myself that I wouldn’t sign up for anymore shops since it was taking away from things that needed to be done around the house, but money is money.  If they are easy and close to home and sound fun, I’ll take them.  I also signed up for a membership for MSPA and to get my silver certification (I completed my certification on Friday).  Every leg up will help when we are on the road!

Sold 4 comic books, and a bunch of stuff on E-bay this week!

Thursday my throat decided to see how much it could expand before I couldn’t breath anymore.  Luckily I got it to calm down with Advil and Dayquil.  I stayed home from work and slept the whole day.  Lacy had all of her sock actions removed from E-bay, so overall Thursday was a sucky day! Oh yeah, I also sucked at getting my Theme Thursday post together and posted!  I swear I’ll be back up and running with Theme Thursdays this week.

Friday – Three Secret shops to do tonight after work and I also have to prepare for my promotion at Lowe’s on Saturday.  Busy Bus Busy.  The money will be worth all the hard work come July!

Update on secret shops:  I had so much fun with them Friday night and I got a cute new top that I got to keep!  They can be a lot of work, but they can be rewarding too.

Saturday – I woke up feeling TERRIBLE and had to call out on my demo.  I felt horrible about it, but there was nothing I could do.  Who was going to want to see a snot nosed girl trying to sell them stuff as soon as they walked in the door?

Sunday I woke up without a voice, but I felt better.  Lacy and I took mom out to the movies and to lunch for Mother’s day.  We also got to go look at the van we want.  I really like it and I talked to Dad about helping finance it and as long as he thinks it is a god van for us to have this is what we will be getting:


I’m super excited about it! I didn’t want the hightop one, but dad made a good point that it will be easier to re-sell so I will go with it.  It will be more comfortable for us anyway!

Funny things said by us this week:

In September we will be traveling thru NY and I told Lacy that we should go to Niagara Falls.  I looked it up on a map to see how we could route our trip.  I said something about it being at the edge of Canada and Lacy looked at me funny.  (Now let me tell you, Lacy is geographically challenged.   Make sure you keep that in mind.) I say to her; “New York the state, not the city.”  She says, “New York is near Canada?” Me: “Yes. Not where we went.  We were in the city New York.  The state is also New York.” Lacy, “Yeah, I know where New York is, I’m just not sure where Canada is.”  Me: I blink at her a couple of times, open my mouth, close it….”What do you mean you don’t know where Canada is?  It’s the giant piece of land that sits on the top of the US!”  Lacy, “oh, I thought Canada was over on this side (West Coast).”  I burst out laughing and made her come over and look at a map on the computer so she knew.  My poor geographically challenged sister.

Not so funny:  Monday morning as I type this I have NO voice what-so-ever!!  It is making for an interesting day at work!

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