Yesterday we said goodbye to Kyle.  Kyle was Lacy’s bearded dragon than she has had for 13 years.  We gave him to Todd The Snake Man.  Todd is a registered reptile rescue and is the President & Managing Director for the California Reptile & Invertebrate Society.  He also does parties with snakes to support the rescue!  How cool is that?  You can visit his website at to learn more about him.  You can also check out the adoptions! Kyle is already listed on the site. 

It was sad to see him go, especially since the guy came in put him in a bucket and left like it was no big deal.  It really wasn’t a big deal for him, he was just doing his job rescuing another homeless lizard.  It was sad to us because it was all so quick.  We do feel good giving him up to Todd though.  We know he will find a good home thru him.

Kyle Smiles for the Camera

Kyle Smiles for the Camera


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