One Month Left of Work

Ack!  I just looked at our countdown and saw the one month left to go!! (actually, we have a month and 16 days)  I’m so excited and panicky all at the same time!  There is still Soooooooooooo much left to do. So much to sell, so much to sort thru, animals to find homes for, cars to sell, and a van to buy.  The van is the most important part!!

Monday was a very important day though.   Monday I gave my notice at work.  (please excuse me while I have a panic attack for a moment)

Yep, it is official.  I turned in my letter of resignation and my last day of work will be June 28th.  My manager seemed genuinely excited for me, which was really nice.  Now I have to hope the rest of the management team feels the same way.

Update:  People are slowly finding out.  Most of them seem genuinely excited for me.  I’m still not sure if Big Boss knows or not, he has been out of the office.  I’m not looking forward to his reaction!

On another note….

Look how sweet my printer is.  She e-mailed me this picture this morning:

I'll be missed

I’ll be missed

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