Saying Goodbye to Our Home

It’s weird seeing the house so empty.  We have lived in this house for 12 years (Lacy lived other places during that time, but she was here when we first moved in and she is here when we are moving out for the last time and no matter where she was in her life, she knew she always had a home to come back to if she needed it).

This house has seen many changes in us and the many people that have passed thru our lives.  There has been many people and creatures that have rested their head in this home. Some for a night, some for years.  I’ve always been one to take in all the strays, human and animal both and I don’t think I would change that about myself ever.  There were those people that took advantage of the generosity, but the good far outweighs the bad and the love and gratitude I have experienced in this house is what I will remember and keep with me.

I’ve lived in this house alone and I’ve lived with up to six people here.  There were times when someone was home 24/7 and  there were times when it was just me and the cats (insert crazy cat lady joke here).   This house has experienced a lot of love and has always given people a place to come back to when they need it.  I think that is the one thing I will miss the most about having a house.  I am going to hate not having a place to offer people to sleep, shower, rest, eat, or just regroup.

Today starts a new chapter in our lives.  We say goodbye to our house, our home, and we say hello to the open road.


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