5 Favorite Things about Muddy Roots

There are a million things that I love about Muddy Roots Music Festival, but we will stick to the very basics today for this post.  Muddy Roots is an amazing music festival that is held on Junebug Ranch in Cookeville, Tennessee every year on Labor Day weekend.  It is a weekend filled with music, fun, mud, and the best people in the world.


The Artists

Muddy Roots 008I love all the artists that play at Muddy Roots.  Every single one of them have so much talent and produce amazing music.  Every year at Muddy Roots I find a new band to fall in  love with.


The Love

Muddy Roots 137There is so much love at Muddy Roots, especially when James Hunnicutt is involved.


The Location

296769_4451939902319_2103653587_nHow beautiful is this??  I love this field and everything in it!


The Audience Participation

Muddy Roots 045You can stop by any stage, with any musician playing at Muddy Roots and you will see people singing, dancing, and getting involved with the music.  It is a beautiful thing.  The picture above is of the crowd listening to The Dad Horse Experience.  If you have never heard of him, check out his Facebook page and this video.  I missed his set the first time I was at Muddy Roots, but I was lucky enough to catch him at a show after.  I made sure I was under the tent when he played this year at Muddy Roots!  He is one I look forward to hearing every year now.


The Music (duh, that is what Muddy Roots is all about!)

I don’t have a good picture to post here to show music at Muddy Roots, so here is a video of J.B. Beverly performing at Muddy Roots 2012.

Be sure to com back next Wednesday for more favorites from our travels and head on over to Moxie Wife to see more 5 Favorites.


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