A Bear of a Theme Thursday

Surprisingly enough, I do not have any pictures of live bears.  You would thing with all the time we spent camping in the bear infested wilderness I would have at least one picture of a bear.  I have a million pictures of buffalo, but no bears.  So to honor this Theme Thursday, I give you pictures of me and Lacy at the National Zoo posing with bear statues.

DC 036DC 004 DC 005 DC 012

To see more bear (or bare) Theme Thursday blogs, head on over to Clan Donaldson.

6 thoughts on “A Bear of a Theme Thursday

    • I have pictures from last week where we are posing with another random statue. We pose with everything! I also remembered that I have pictures of us posing with a giant stuffed bear in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Darn, Those would have been great for this post!
      Correction…after going to look at the picture, I am posing with a giant moose, there is a little bear in front of it though. I also found 3 more pictures of us with bears. One is sleepy time bear from Celestial Seasonings.

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