Theme Thursday Catch Up

I’m leaving for Florida in 11 days!

I’ve been busy getting things in order for the move and trying to visit with everyone here in Fresno, CA before I leave.  I’ve been a bit more anxious about this trip.  I’m excited to leave, but sad at the same time.  I think the main reason is because I am doing this one on my own.  Lacy is staying home and starting a new job soon, it is a seasonal job though and we have already talked about her meeting up with me in Florida when she gets laid off.  We will see what happens with that one though.  For now it is just me and Granny heading out to Florida.  I will be dropping her off in Clearwater, FL and then I will be heading down to Naples, FL to live.

With all the preparations with the move I have fallen behind on my Theme Thursday posts, so today I give you Hearts and Dishes.  You can head on over to Clan Donaldson and see more dishes today too.

I snapped this picture of the dish aisle at the 99 cents store on my quest for oatmeal.  They had awesome Quaker oatmeal there 2 for 99 cents, while Target has them for $1.59 each!  Unfortunately they were out, but I got a picture for my Theme Thursday post.


My heart picture (my late Theme Thursday picture) is of my Betty Dog.  She HATES her picture taken, she never looks at the camera.  She was sleeping and I went to grab the camera and she woke up and buried her face.  I finally caught this picture awhile later when she wasn’t paying too much attention.  Of course, you can see she is totally leery of what I am doing.  Maybe she thinks I am trying to steal her soul.  Anyway, here is Betty Lou snuggled under her skull and hearts blanket.

Granny For Sale 277

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