What happened in June?

Where did the month of June go?  What did I do in June?  Well, let’s see…

I had a house sit in Asheville, NC.  This housesit was broken up into two time periods; June 8 -16 and then again from June 24 – July 3.  I took care of two sweet little cats, Dali (pronounced “Dolly”) and June.  This sit was supposed to last until the 8th, but as I have learned from living this life of travel, things change and you have to be flexible.

Asheville 011

The House

June2014 019


Asheville 055


While in Asheville, my friend Alex came to visit.  He was on a cross country drive from Virgina Beach, VA to San Diego, CA.  By the time this post is published he should be in California.  It was great to see an old friend and share travel stories.

Me & Alex in Asheville, NC

Me & Alex in Asheville, NC

Another notable thing I found in Asheville was this super fun entrance to the park in my neighborhood:


On my week off from house sitting in Asheville I went on an adventure.  I camped next to this Lake:

NCAdventureWeek 017It was beautiful, but it was REALLY hot that day and sleeping in the van was not pleasant.  Also, directly to the right in this picture, just right out of frame, is a large man with no shirt on in a canoe fishing.  Another not so beautiful thing at this campground was the restroom.  It was gross, I will leave it at that.

I also visited the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC.

NCAdventureWeek 022 NCAdventureWeek 061It was another HOT North Carolina day, but the zoo was amazing!  I was there for work, but had plenty of time to play and see the exhibits.

“Approximately 500 acres of this property have been developed into one of the largest “natural habitat” zoos in the United States.  You won’t find cages made of steel and concrete here.  Our animals are given enclosures that mimic their natural habitats to include trees, ponds, rocks, grass and dirt. ” -taken from the NC Zoo website

I also visited Fayetteville, NC and then headed up to see my friend Angela in Vienna, VA.  After that I headed to Shenandoah National Park to camp for two nights.  This is most of what I saw during my time in the park:

NCAdventureWeek 105Yep, not too impressive.  The first day I was there, this was the view from every turnout.  Even the second day, when things seemed a lot clearer, my pictures still turned out grey and gloomy.  I may not have many pictures to show for it (okay, I kinda do), but the experience of driving thru the park was awesome.  There were bunnies and deer everywhere.  I think I’ll be doing a separate post just on Shenandoah.  Keep an eye on the blog for that post later this week (possibly tomorrow).  Here are a few more pictures from the park for now:

Better views on day two

Better views on day two

Bunny in my camp

Bunny in my camp

My campsite i

My campsite

A deer jumped into my camp.

A deer jumped into my camp.

The view of the campground out my back window.

The view of the campground out my back window.

After Shenandoah National Park I drove thru the Blue Ridge Parkway and camped there for a night before heading back to Asheville.  It was a beautiful and relaxing drive and my campground that night was pretty and peaceful.  It was interesting because it was pretty much in someones back yard and the only other guests were a biker and an old lady from Minnesota that was sleeping in her car.

NCAdventureWeek 220

View from the Blue Ridge Parkway

NCAdventureWeek 208

View from one of the visitor centers along the parkway.

NCAdventureWeek 195

Collection of buildings representing mountain farms of the nineteenth century

NCAdventureWeek 229

The Ramblin’ Van on the Parkway

NCAdventureWeek 233

Campsite off the Blue Ridge Parkway

I’ll be leaving Asheville in a few days and already have lots of plans for what’s next.  I plan to spend the 4th of July in Philadelphia with friends and then head up to my next house sit in Nova Scotia!  I’m excited for that one.  I will be crossing four more states off my list of places to visit and Nova Scotia off my bucket list.  After Nova Scotia I will be headed to Stony Brook, NY for another house sit and then Muddy Roots at the end of the summer.  The next few months are going to be full of adventure!  I can’t wait to share it all with you!


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