A Bright Theme Thursday

This Theme Thursday is brought to you from Pennsylvania. Okay, I’m not in Pennsylvania today (Thursday), but these pictures were taken in Pennsylvania (namely, Mansfield) and this post was written there.

(Edit:  This is a day late since I had a hard time finding internet access in Nova Scotia.  Better late than never!)

Look at me being prepared for my Theme Thursday.

Let’s start off by showing my complete failure at taking a “bright” photo.  I arrived at my hotel in Mansfield, PA and stepped out of my car to see this beautiful bright blue sky with big white fluffy clouds.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures and thought, “wow, these will make great “bright” pictures!”

I failed to remember that I had used the night vision setting on my camera for the show the night before and forgot to change it back.  This was the result:

July2014 128

Look at those beautiful sun rays!  It would have been a great picture.  When I realized my mistake I did go back out to take another picture, but the clouds were all gone and the picture was just not the same.

When I checked into my hotel today they gave me a goodie bag for being a rewards member.  Not only did I get a delicious bag of goodies, I got my bright picture!

Check out this bright bag that brightened my day with all the goodies it contained!

July2014 132 July2014 133


Now head on over to Clan Donaldson to see more bright pictures that were posted on time!

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