Ten on Ten – Stony Brook, NY

I’m going to do my Ten on Ten a little different today.

The concept is to take a photo every hour for 10 consecutive hours on the 10th day of the month.  I am normally very strict with myself with my Ten on Ten pictures.  I take one picture every hour and use it to tell a story of my day.

This month I thought I would try something new.  I took several pictures every hour and am posting my top Ten favorites from the day.


Aug2014 023 Aug2014 035 Aug2014 039 Aug2014 046 Aug2014 049 Aug2014 030a Aug2014 073 Aug2014 078 Aug2014 070 Aug2014 057


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4 thoughts on “Ten on Ten – Stony Brook, NY

  1. I enjoyed your Ten on Ten set! I think my favorite image is of the dog looking down the road, a perspective which lends the photograph a sense of story.

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