A Look Back at October and November

I completely spaced my October review so we are going to combine two months in this post.  Let’s see if I can remember everything that has happened the last couple of months!

Lets start off with an overview of jobs.

October started off with me rejoining the workforce.  I got a seasonal job with Bath and Body Works, but only worked a few shifts before I got offered a temporary job with Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program (CCROPP).  The CCROPP position only lasted two weeks, but by the time the assignment had ended I had landed a job with the Raisin Administrative Committee where I am their new Mail-room Coordinator.  Lacy is still waiting for her job at the IRS to start again for the season and in the meantime is working a seasonal position at Target and doing temp work.

Now, lets continue this post with pictures to show what’s been going on besides work!

I visited Oakhurst in October and got this great shot:



I was Spider-Man for Halloween at work.  This half-ass costume is brought to you by; getting rid of all of your belongings to travel and coming home with a Spider-Man hoodie that someone gave you.  10302214_10205167712178106_7712316589793790954_n


I went to Sacramento and stayed in my favorite hotel right by Capitol Park. 10406622_10205209423420861_9029021630219335831_n


I fell while walking in Downtown Fresno.  Luckily my face caught my fall!  It was just a scratch and a giant bump on my head, but I was fine.  I’m pretty sure I tripped over flat ground too.  1956933_10205268590059990_8616468709367468391_o


View from one of my lunchtime walks thru downtown Fresno. 1621983_10205328962089253_8831081528610265982_n


I had a housesitting job in November watching this cutie.  His name is Henry and he is the sweetest dog in the world.  November2014 005


Henry wants me to hurry up and finish with the pictures so we can play! November2014 012

I also had a birthday in November and made the decision to sell the Ramblin’ Van.  One has nothing to do with the other except for they both happened in November.  The Ramblin’ Van is not sold yet, but it hopefully will be soon.  That will be a post for another time though.

That should be it for October and November.  Bring on December!



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