Elk Country RV Resort & Campground….and a few other things

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything and so much has been going on!

Well, I guess I should start off with: I got a new job and moved to Humboldt County!

In the process of getting this new job and moving I had to get an apartment (duh).  Let me tell you something about the apartment process in Humboldt County…It sucks!  Most of us are from towns where we can go into an apartment complex and come out with an apartment pretty much the same day. Well, that is NOT the case up here. Things move at their own pace up here.  Which brings me to the title of this blog.

Elk Country RV Resort has been my saving grace.  When I found out my apartment would not be ready until weeks after I started my job, I needed to find a place to stay.  I stopped in at Elk Country and talked with the staff and checked the place out and it seemed to fit all my needs so I paid for a week and figured I’d go from there.  Well, here I am, going on almost a month later and I’m still camped out.  I did finally get my move in date for my apartment, which is still a week away, but I can’t complain.

I mean, look at this place!  Who could complain?!?

11879206_10207658346202400_758794217864429025_o 11895271_10207658347482432_7445305474032560533_o 11953404_10207658351002520_1711181433966938944_o 11947758_10207658350242501_8207620068337891386_o 11922989_10207652913226579_3295931086586505982_o 11918959_10207652918106701_4854942469863674803_o 11913392_10207576883365880_6390295030595688364_n 11895308_10207637718406718_8661509405157464044_o 11894271_10207637767607948_7109871040661173064_o 11887556_10207652916466660_2896507704182189749_o Humboldt 301 Humboldt 286 Humboldt 284 Humboldt 258 Humboldt 247

There are so many things to take pictures of that I get to have a little fun with the features on my camera. I LOVE the black and white and red pictures.  The middle one is my favorite!

11895149_10207658346162399_138196449976484998_o 11896508_10207658349122473_5388651311201627509_o Humboldt 317

Besides it being absolutely gorgeous at Elk Country RV, they have a wonderful staff, a great facility, and are close to the beach and the Redwoods. Like, seriously close.  The road across the street goes straight to the beach and is only half a mile and Redwood National and State Parks is only 10 minute up the road.

Speaking of that 10 minutes, that is all the time it takes me to get work!  When I get my apartment my drive will end up being 30 minutes.  Hmmmm, Maybe they won’t notice if I just build a little fort and stay in the campground.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a short little post about my wonderful experience staying with Elk Country.  I think I’m going to be a little sad to move on.  They have made my first month in Humboldt County a memorable one and I think it was a great way to start out my new adventure up here.

Oh, and just what am I doing up here? I’m working for the National Park Service at Redwood National and State Parks and I am loving it!

I’ll post more about all that when I get settled, for now just know that Elk Country RV Park & Campground rocks!

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