Catchlights Theme Thursday

This weeks theme was catchlights.  What are catchlights, you ask? A catchlight is the “light source that causes a spectacular highlight in a subject’s eye in an image.”  I don’t know about spectacular, but here is my effort for the week…

I love this picture.  I feel like he is saying, “Really, Human? Don’t you have better things to do with your life?”


I’m sure if you head on over to California to Korea you will see a much better representation of catchlights than this.

I did go out hiking this past week and have some great photos to share next week for our close-up Theme Thursday, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Catchlights Theme Thursday

    • I’m allergic too. I think he may be the last cat that I have. I love him even though he makes my eyes water every day! He’s a super scaredy cat and would run and hide under the covers if you came to visit. You would have to stay a minimum of two days of him to think about coming out. That’s just you visiting, you bring the whole clan and we will never see him again! lol

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