Mother’s Day in the Central Valley

I was able to get home for Mother’s Day this year and had a lot of fun exploring all the wonderful outdoor activities the Central Valley has to offer.

The first place mom and I visited was the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.  The Chaffee Zoo recently completed a 13 acre expansion that is very impressive.  It had been awhile since I had been to the zoo and I was seriously impressed with the new exhibits.  I’m proud of our zoo and can’t wait to see what else they have in store for the animals there!

FresnoZoo 153

FresnoZoo 234

A pile of rocks?

FresnoZoo 236

That’s not a rock!

FresnoZoo 266FresnoZoo 275FresnoZoo 301FresnoZoo 093FresnoZoo 129

On Mother’s Day we headed up to Project Survival’s Cat Haven in Dunlap, CA.  The Cat Haven sits on 100 acres just West of Kings Canyon National Park and is home to approximately 28 wild cats.  The haven is used for rehabilitation,  education, and preservation of wild cat.  You can check them out at to learn more.  We took a tour of the property, which is about a quarter mile guided tour that lasts about an hour or so.  We had an awesome tour guide, who was also a handler, that gave us a ton of information on each animal.  If you are ever in the Central Valley or in Kings Canyon or Sequoia National Park, I highly recommend stopping by and checking this place out.  This was my second visit to the cat haven, and I plan to stop in again the next time I am on my way to the National Parks.

Fresno 036

Fresno 015

Best tour guide ever!

Since we were so close to the national parks, we decided to continue our adventure and buy mom her annual park pass for mother’s day.  Unfortunately it was SUPER foggy and wet in the park that day.  We had lunch in the park and then headed back home.  We DID see a black bear though!

Fresno 053

Overall, it was a great trip back home!



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