Nice Peter and My Move to Southern California

This morning I watched this video from Nice Peter and it inspired me to pick back up with this blog.  I haven’t felt like I have had much to write about that is interesting, but after watching Nice Peter’s video it made me think, maybe someone out there is wondering what I’m up to just like I was wondering about where he had been and what adventures he had been up to.

The biggest news is that I have moved from Northern to Southern California.  I went from working in a forest of giant trees to a desert filled with Joshua Trees.  It’s been a huge change, but all for the better.  I’m now working for Mojave National Preserve and am learning a TON of new things.  I’m also a lot closer to family down here so that is a big plus.

I’ve gone on a few road trips since I have been here, but nothing that I have felt was blog worthy.  I made a couple of trips to Vegas, which is only 2 hours from me now.  One trip was to pick up furniture for my new place and the second was to see the Goddamn Gallows play at the Dive Bar.  I also made a trip down to Lake Elsinore (a hour south of me) to see The Urban Pioneers play at Lucky’s Tavern.  Lake Elsinore seems like a cool little town and I hope I have a chance to explore it more.  I’m excited that there is so much music so nearby.  I felt a little cut off up in the Redwoods.  I loved my park up there and loved the people, but the lifestyle was a little lacking for me.

So now that I have been inspired once again I hope to keep up with this.  I have a new job, and am working on getting my bachelors degree so of course adding one more “assignment” to my to-do list seems perfectly reasonable to me.   I think I am going to follow Nice Peter’s lead and try for a once a week posting.  I guess we will all see how it goes.  For now I will leave you with a few pictures from my new park.  Enjoy!


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