Grand Canyon National Park

In March I was sent to the Grand Canyon for a two week training course and it was the most fantastic experience.  I stayed in the dorms at the Albright Training Center, which is within walking distance to the South Rim.  I had been to the Grand Canyon before, but only for a quick look on my way home from Muddy Roots one summer.  This was quite a different experience.

For one, it was cold and snowy this time around.  The first day I arrived it started to snow.  Luckily for me, it waited to really snow after I was parked and didn’t have to drive in it anymore.  It was absolutely beautiful to see the canyon covered in snow.  It was also quite magical to see the elk and deer in the snow.

Please excuse some of these photos.  I used my cell phone for photos for a few of them.  This first picture shows my vehicle after a night of snow!

The one below is the view from my room.

The second thing that made my trip so different this time around was that I was there as a National Park Service employee.  I was there to learn all about the Park Service.  I was in class with close to fifty of my peers and got to work in teams to solve everyday problems that parks are faced with.  I met a ton of wonderful people and we all got to experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon together.

My team for the two weeks.  These people are awesome!

And of course, a few shots of the canyon…

I had an awesome time at Grand Canyon National Park and Albright Training Center.  I hope to go back soon to visit the North Rim and maybe another trip in the future to venture to the bottom of the canyon.

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