Texas and Back Again

In April I took a trip to Texas for a wedding/music festival.  It was another one of those trips that I planned on taking alone and not meeting up with anyone.  One of those “eh, I’ll make friends or run into someone I know I’m sure, just buy a ticket and see what happens” kinda trips.  Those trips always turn out to be the best and this one did not disappoint.  It turned out that my Muddy family could go and I was excited to see them and camp with them again!

On the way out I stopped at as many Park sites as I could.  I visited Walnut Canyon National Monument, El Morro National Monument, El Malpais National Monument, and Chemical National Memorial.  Walnut Canyon was, by far, my favorite.

Walnut Canyon features 800 year old cliff dwellings with 25 that you can walk right past on the Island Trail.  The Island Trail is only a mile loop, but you decent 185 vertical feet to get to the dwellings and have to climb that 185 feet back up.  273 steps on this trail and it is worth every single one.

DSC_0121 3DSC_0109 3DSC_0047 2DSC_0042 2

The Inscription Rock Trail Loop at El Morro National Monument takes you past hundreds of Spanish and Anglo inscriptions, as well as pre–historical petroglyphs.  It was cool to see all the inscriptions and think about the people who wrote them.


Chamizal National Memorial commemorates the diplomatic settlement of a long-standing border dispute between the United States and Mexico.

DSC_0006 2DSC_0003

The main event of the trip was the Walk this Earth Music Festival and Liz & Jareds wedding.  Liz and Jared put a lot of hard work into everything and it showed! The ranch was beautiful and amazing and no detail was missed.  The music was awesome, the food was amazing (even though I didn’t eat much of any of it with it being meat and all), and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowed during the wedding ceremony.

DSC_0002DSC_0043DSC_0056 3

It was a fantastic trip with music, friends, and celebration!

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