On December 6, 2012 my sister and I made the decision to go on the road, giving ourselves seven months to prepare.  This blog was originally intended to document our journey of getting ourselves out of our stale lives and into adventure. We did sell most everything we owned and bought a van and traveled around the U.S. in it, but my sister did not enjoy the life and we headed back home after two short months.

The blog has since evolved into my personal travel experiences and adventure combined with  amateur photography.  After my sister decided not to travel and live on the road, I set back out by myself for awhile and after three years of bouncing around, I have settled in Northern Southern California for the time being.

You will still see a lot of posts about music, travel, National Parks, and photography, but for now it will be contained to mostly Northern California and will only be the ramblin of one sister.  At least for now anyway!  Enjoy!

You can also check out video blogs and general silliness over at Youtube! watchmyvids1_yt

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