Texas and Back Again

In April I took a trip to Texas for a wedding/music festival.  It was another one of those trips that I planned on taking alone and not meeting up with anyone.  One of those “eh, I’ll make friends or run into someone I know I’m sure, just buy a ticket and see what happens” kinda trips.  Those trips always turn out to be the best and this one did not disappoint.  It turned out that my Muddy family could go and I was excited to see them and camp with them again!

On the way out I stopped at as many Park sites as I could.  I visited Walnut Canyon National Monument, El Morro National Monument, El Malpais National Monument, and Chemical National Memorial.  Walnut Canyon was, by far, my favorite.

Walnut Canyon features 800 year old cliff dwellings with 25 that you can walk right past on the Island Trail.  The Island Trail is only a mile loop, but you decent 185 vertical feet to get to the dwellings and have to climb that 185 feet back up.  273 steps on this trail and it is worth every single one.

DSC_0121 3DSC_0109 3DSC_0047 2DSC_0042 2

The Inscription Rock Trail Loop at El Morro National Monument takes you past hundreds of Spanish and Anglo inscriptions, as well as pre–historical petroglyphs.  It was cool to see all the inscriptions and think about the people who wrote them.


Chamizal National Memorial commemorates the diplomatic settlement of a long-standing border dispute between the United States and Mexico.

DSC_0006 2DSC_0003

The main event of the trip was the Walk this Earth Music Festival and Liz & Jareds wedding.  Liz and Jared put a lot of hard work into everything and it showed! The ranch was beautiful and amazing and no detail was missed.  The music was awesome, the food was amazing (even though I didn’t eat much of any of it with it being meat and all), and there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowed during the wedding ceremony.

DSC_0002DSC_0043DSC_0056 3

It was a fantastic trip with music, friends, and celebration!

Oregon Adventure

Last week I on went on an adventure through Oregon.  The main purpose of my trip was to attend Ruckus in the Boonies in Heppner, OR, but if you know anything about me, you know I packed in as much as I could along the way.

One of my favorite musicians, J.B. Beverley, had a couple of shows scheduled along my route to the festival, so I thought I would take a couple of extra days off work and check those out.  But before I headed up to see him I wanted to check out Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve.

Oregon Caves is located 20 miles from the town of Cave Junction.  I highly recommend the cave tour, since it is the main attraction of the park, although I was told that they had some pretty phenomenal milk shakes at the Chalet that may steal the show.  Tours are $10.00 and worth every cent.  Caves aren’t for everyone, let me tell you.  If you are claustrophobic or afraid of heights, this may not be the tour for you.  I know a fear of heights in a cave sounds counterintuitive, but there were lots of stairs involved in this cave.  500 stair steps to be exact.  You descend down into the cave and have to come back up.  Most of this is pretty gradual, but there are a few steep set of stairs. I conquered both my fears and made it through the whole 90 minute tour.  There is not a lot of room in some parts of the cave and they want to make sure the bats stay protected so backpacks were not allowed in the cave.  I could have carried my camera, but opted to leave it in the car and just enjoy the tour. So, sorry folks, no Oregon Cave pictures to post with this one.

Next stop was Rouge River, OR to see J.B. Beverly play at Cattlemens Bar.  The people of Rouge River were the nicest people ever and it was wonderful to see J.B. once again.

OR_Adventure 047 OR_Adventure 011

The next day I spent the day in downtown Grants Pass.  I wandered through all the cute little shops, checked out all the bear statues and ate at The Haul, which had excellent food and beers.  I found a super convenient hotel directly across the street from the venue J.B. would be playing at that evening and settled in.  Later that evening I headed out to the show and got to meet the ever so talented Cameron Romero (pictured above).

Cameron is working on the film “Beverley: American Driftings of a Folk Anti-Hero,” which you can find out about here.  It was an honor to watch both Cameron and J.B. work for three days.  These men love what they do and I’m excited to see the final product of their adventures together.


The next morning I left Grants Pass and set out on my long drive to Heppner, OR.  The last time I made this drive the ground was covered in snow, so it was nice to see the contrast of the summer forest vs the winter conditions I had driven through.


The view from Grants Pass to Bend, OR


The view of nothingness on the way to Heppner, OR

I made it to Heppner, met up with the awesome ex-roommate, set up camp, and was ready for music!  This was the third year for Ruckus in the Boonies and my first year attending.  The line up included James Hunnicutt, The Pine Box Boys, The Sawyer Family, The Drunken Cuddle, Gallows Bound, Stoned Evergreen Travelers, and so many more!

OR_Adventure 169 OR_Adventure 184 OR_Adventure 141 OR_Adventure 129

Heppner is a tiny town in northeast Oregon with a population of a little over 1,000 people.  The whole town was wonderful to us and made the festival and the trip that much more enjoyable.

I enjoyed everything about my Oregon adventures.  I got to see so many wonderful people, catch up with and make new friends, see new places, and listen to some great music!

OR_Adventure 84


Muddy Roots 2014

Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN is something I look forward to every year.  It is held at the June Bug Ranch over Labor Day weekend and everyone gathers in the field for a wonderful weekend of music and fun.

This year started out with a pre-party on Thursday night where Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band performed their last show.  I was fortunate to see The Broken Band play several times this year, but it was still sad to think that this was their final performance as a group.  I was a little disappointed that they were on such a small stage, but the music and the crowd were great and they had a great final show. 

Friday the music continued and I got to see James Hunnicutt perform a Misfits cover with Hillbilly Casino.  This is always one of my favorite things. 

I was also harassed by a giant grasshopper during the Hillbilly Casino set.  I thought someone threw something at me at first and then noticed the giant bug on me.  I swatted it off and it hopped right back up.  Later I watched it sit on the ground watching all the people go by until it slowly turned and hopped toward me a third time.  I went and stood closer to the stage after that!

Another highlight for me on Friday was seeing J.B. Beverly and Rory Kelly play.  They performed songs off of J.B.’s Stripped to the Root album and Rory did a few of his songs as well. 

MRMF2014 016

Saturday brought rain and mud and more good bands like, Dead Soldiers, A Man Called Stu, Hangdog Hearts, Reverend Beatman, and many, many more.  The Goddamn Gallows were supposed to play Saturday night, but because of rain got pushed to closing out the festival on Sunday night.

Because of all the rain, Saturday night sets went on until the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Lacy and I both crashed out and missed the last three or four bands of the night.  The Blasters are the last thing I remember hearing before I fell asleep Saturday night.

MRMF2014 085

Sunday Everymen played.  They are a fun band that always put on a great show!  They even gave out pool noodles to the crowed to have fun with.

Another favorite moment from Sunday was when James Hunnicutt, Rachel Kate, and Brook Blanche got on stage with Sean and Zander.

MRMF2014 128

The night ended with The Hooten Hallers and The Goddamn Gallows to close out the festival.  Two bands that I love very much and never get tired of seeing.  The Hooten Hallers had a whole new set with new members so it was kind of like seeing them for the first time all over again.

Monday morning we got up, got packed up, took one last shower, and said goodbye to the field until next year!

MRMF2014 149








My Five Favorite Moments from Muddy Roots Spring Weekender

The Muddy Roots Music Festival is my favorite part of the year.  This year I decided to attend the Spring Weekender in Nashville, IN and it was the best decision I have ever made.  It’s hard for me to put into words the love and joy that Muddy Roots brings to me, so I will just share my 5 favorite moments from the weekend.  Narrowing it down to five was difficult, but here we go:



Seeing James Hunnicutt kick off the weekend.

MRSW 010


Meeting lots of new forever friends.

MRSW 083


Attending the banquet dinner that Joseph Huber played.

MRSW 082



Discovering the music of The Whistle Pigs

MRSW 053


The absolute silence when Dr. Ralph Stanley sang O’Death.  You could have heard a pin drop in that crowd.

MRSW 097

I’ll be attending the main Muddy Roots Music Festival in August, but I already can’t wait for the next Spring Weekender!

January Review

This has been a Loooooooooooooooong month and I am happy to see it end.  I am very excited to see what February has in store and am hoping it includes a trip to Florida.  But for now, lets take a look at what we did in January.

We took a trip to Yosemite and played in the snow.

Jan2014 033

I won tickets to go see Whitey Morgan and the 78’s at  a cool new place in North Fork called Bandit Town USA.  You can check out Bandit Town USA here and if you haven’t heard Whitey Morgan and the 78’s click here.

We took a drive up to Bass Lake, where the lake was really loooooow.  We had lunch at Ducey’s on the Lake and this was our view:

Jan2014 047

And here is a view from the other side of the lake

Jan2014 046

I also got to meet two babies this month.  One of my best friends daughter who is 4 months old now, Isabel Ryan.

Jan2014 041

And our first baby cow of the season

Jan2014 061

There hasn’t been a whole lot of excitement or travel this month, but I am really hoping that will all change in a few weeks.  Granny and I are planning a move back to Florida…let me rephrase that, Granny is planning a move back to Florida.  I am going to be driving her out there and hanging around for awhile to see how I like Florida life.

See ya later January, Helllllllllo February!

5 Favorite Things about Muddy Roots

There are a million things that I love about Muddy Roots Music Festival, but we will stick to the very basics today for this post.  Muddy Roots is an amazing music festival that is held on Junebug Ranch in Cookeville, Tennessee every year on Labor Day weekend.  It is a weekend filled with music, fun, mud, and the best people in the world.


The Artists

Muddy Roots 008I love all the artists that play at Muddy Roots.  Every single one of them have so much talent and produce amazing music.  Every year at Muddy Roots I find a new band to fall in  love with.


The Love

Muddy Roots 137There is so much love at Muddy Roots, especially when James Hunnicutt is involved.


The Location

296769_4451939902319_2103653587_nHow beautiful is this??  I love this field and everything in it!


The Audience Participation

Muddy Roots 045You can stop by any stage, with any musician playing at Muddy Roots and you will see people singing, dancing, and getting involved with the music.  It is a beautiful thing.  The picture above is of the crowd listening to The Dad Horse Experience.  If you have never heard of him, check out his Facebook page and this video.  I missed his set the first time I was at Muddy Roots, but I was lucky enough to catch him at a show after.  I made sure I was under the tent when he played this year at Muddy Roots!  He is one I look forward to hearing every year now.


The Music (duh, that is what Muddy Roots is all about!)

I don’t have a good picture to post here to show music at Muddy Roots, so here is a video of J.B. Beverly performing at Muddy Roots 2012.

Be sure to com back next Wednesday for more favorites from our travels and head on over to Moxie Wife to see more 5 Favorites.


Columbia, Missouri

We had an awesome time in Columbia, MO.  I’d have to say it was the best night of the trip so far!

When I found out that Deke Dickerson was touring with The Reverend Horton Heat I figured I would check out the tour schedule and see if we could catch a show.  Turned out that we could catch the show in Columbia Missouri, which just happens to be Dekes hometown (just a little bit of random trivia for you).  It also turned out to be part of the 9th Street Summerfest shows and was free!

After the show, we headed over to Mojo’s where there was another free show.  We discovered another great band called The Flood Brothers and then got to see Hillbilly Casino play.  It was an awesome night of music.

We also met lots of interesting people.

While on 9th Street, just before we were getting ready to head over to Mojo’s, we stopped to watch the encore of Deke & The Reverend Horton Heat and a guy walks up to me.  This is how it went:

Guy:  Is this your friend? (nods toward Lacy)

Me:  This is my sister

Guy: OH, this is your sister? (Looks at Lacy, then back to me, then back to Lacy, then back to me) Y’all look nothin’ alike.

Lacy & Christy: Yep

Guy:  Y’all been told that before?

Christy & Lacy: Yep

Guy:  (turning back to Christy) I was just going to come over here and tell you how smokin’ hot your friend was.

Christy: My sister….my LITTLE sister.

Guy:  She’s your younger sister?  (turns to Lacy) How old are you?

Lacy:  How old do you think I am?

Guy: Oh no, you guys get mad at that kinda thing.  You go first and then I’ll tell you.

Lacy:  I KNOW how old I am!

Guy: Ah, your too quick for me.  I’m Ken, what is your name?  (We introduce ourselves) I used to be married to Barbie, but I had to divorced that bitch.  HA!

Ken:  Where y’all from?

Christy: California

Ken:  What brings you guys up here?

Christy:  We just came to see Deke play with The Reverend.

Ken:  Oh, you guys follow these guys.

Christy:  No, we are traveling the U.S. and were passing thru.

Ken: OH, California the State! (Lacy & I look at each other thinking, this guy is REALLY drunk) There is a California here in Missouri.  I thought y’all were from there.

Christy & Lacy: OH!

Ken:  Well, I just thought I would come say hi and see if y’all were interested in old guys, but you guys are cool, so I’m just gonna move on.

The best encounter was at Mojo’s.  We had gone outside to get some fresh air and this guy stumbles up and stops next to us.  Lacy looks at him and quickly looks away.  I, being who I am, turn around and say, “Hi!”

Guy:  I just got this new phone (Pulls phone out of pocket) Can you do me a favor?

Christy:  Uh….sure

Guy:  Can you press the microphone button and say (tells me address).

I do this and then the guy says:  Wait, call Taxi Terry first.

Christy:  Ok.  (Presses button and says to call Taxi Terry.  It doesn’t bring up anything) I don’t think it is working.

(Guy looks REALLY upset and disappointed)

Christy: Don’t worry, we’ll get it.  (I try it again and get the number to come up and hit dial and hand him the phone.  He talks to the dispatcher and makes arrangements for them to come pick him up)

Christy:  Are you all set?  Do you need help walking out?

Guy:  No, I got it (as he stumbles in to Lacy)

Lacy:  Are you sure?  Are you okay?

Guy:  Yes, and thank you both, you are both beautiful.  I’m not trying to hit on you, I just really need to get home.

We make sure he makes it to the gate and look at each other and I tell Lacy, “I seriously thought he was going to say, I jut got this new phone and it doesn’t have your phone number in it.”  Lacy bursts out laughing saying she was thinking the exact same thing!!

On that note, I will leave you with a few pictures of the evening…

Well, I WAS going to leave you with a few photos, but the internet connection  at this hotel is TERRIBLE!   I’ll do a photo post another day, hopefully soon, to make up for it.

Higher Grounds

On April 20th (yes, 4/20) we headed to Pozo Saloon for the Higher Grounds music festival

The Poster for Higher Grounds

The Poster for Higher Grounds

The only performers we wanted to see at Higher Grounds were Yelawolf and Travis Barker, who were performing together, and they weren’t scheduled to go on until 6:05. Since we weren’t thrilled with the rest of the line up we decided to take our time getting to the concert since once we went in we were stuck in there.
Despite our best efforts we ended up getting there earlier than we would have liked. We had four hours before Yealwolf and Travis Barker were to hit the stage. Even worse, the first thing I heard when we walked up to a stage was, “We are running a little behind schedule.”
We wandered around the festival for a bit just to see what we could see. We were bored but really trying to make the best of the situation. Things got better when Vokab Kompany came on stage. They were a band that we were happy we were there early enough to discover. You should head over to their website or Facebook and check them out too.  Even more exciting; I found out today that they will be playing in at a local venue on May 3rd! We will be going to that concert for sure!
After Vokab Kompany was Rappin’ 4-Tay, which we enjoyed as well. After that the main stage was set up for Yelawolf and Travis Barker. A reggae band set up on the 2nd stage and took FOREVER to get started. I swear they stood up there and talked and handed out give-a-ways for what seemed like hours. They finally got started and we knew once they were done we would get to see what we came for…or so we thought. I was so excited when they announced it was their last song and finished up. Yela & Travis were going to be on stage soon. I even saw them walk across the backstage area and got super excited. Then over at the 2nd stage the MC started introducing another band.
We wanted to cry. We were sun burned, hungry, tired (tired of standing, tired of waiting, tired of people being too close), and getting cranky from all of those things. We sat down in the grass and waited for yet another band to get thru their set.
Finally it was really time for Travis Barker & Yelawolf. They walked on stage and I was so excited. This was our second time seeing Yelawolf but the first time seeing Travis Barker. Travis Barker is AMAZING on drums. I already knew this, but when you see it live, there are no words for it. The man will blow you away. His performance alone was worth waiting 4 hours for and getting terrible sunburns. Yelawolf was the icing on the cake. They performed all the Psycho White tracks as well as quite a few of Yelawolf’s music. It was an awesome performance.
I wasn’t sure if they were allowing cameras into the event so I just stayed on the safe side and left all the cameras in the car. The only pictures I took in Pozo were the three below. That’s ok, sometimes it is nice to just enjoy everything and not capture it all on film. Although in this case, a camera WOULD have made the time go by faster.

Beautiful tree at Pozo Saloon.

Beautiful tree at Pozo Saloon.

Parking lot of Pozo Saloon for Higher Grounds.

Parking lot of Pozo Saloon for Higher Grounds.

Another view from our car at Pozo Saloon.

Another view from our car at Pozo Saloon.