Week in Review

I’m starting this post 1/2 way thru the week and I feel like we have done a whole lot of nothing so far this week!  All I did on Monday was go thru a bin of movies to see what we could trade in to Amazon.  There was only $11 and some change worth of movies there, but at least we got rid of a few of them.

On Tuesday I signed up for more secret shop companies and accepted another job for Friday.  I had JUST told myself that I wouldn’t sign up for anymore shops since it was taking away from things that needed to be done around the house, but money is money.  If they are easy and close to home and sound fun, I’ll take them.  I also signed up for a membership for MSPA and to get my silver certification (I completed my certification on Friday).  Every leg up will help when we are on the road!

Sold 4 comic books, and a bunch of stuff on E-bay this week!

Thursday my throat decided to see how much it could expand before I couldn’t breath anymore.  Luckily I got it to calm down with Advil and Dayquil.  I stayed home from work and slept the whole day.  Lacy had all of her sock actions removed from E-bay, so overall Thursday was a sucky day! Oh yeah, I also sucked at getting my Theme Thursday post together and posted!  I swear I’ll be back up and running with Theme Thursdays this week.

Friday – Three Secret shops to do tonight after work and I also have to prepare for my promotion at Lowe’s on Saturday.  Busy Bus Busy.  The money will be worth all the hard work come July!

Update on secret shops:  I had so much fun with them Friday night and I got a cute new top that I got to keep!  They can be a lot of work, but they can be rewarding too.

Saturday – I woke up feeling TERRIBLE and had to call out on my demo.  I felt horrible about it, but there was nothing I could do.  Who was going to want to see a snot nosed girl trying to sell them stuff as soon as they walked in the door?

Sunday I woke up without a voice, but I felt better.  Lacy and I took mom out to the movies and to lunch for Mother’s day.  We also got to go look at the van we want.  I really like it and I talked to Dad about helping finance it and as long as he thinks it is a god van for us to have this is what we will be getting:


I’m super excited about it! I didn’t want the hightop one, but dad made a good point that it will be easier to re-sell so I will go with it.  It will be more comfortable for us anyway!

Funny things said by us this week:

In September we will be traveling thru NY and I told Lacy that we should go to Niagara Falls.  I looked it up on a map to see how we could route our trip.  I said something about it being at the edge of Canada and Lacy looked at me funny.  (Now let me tell you, Lacy is geographically challenged.   Make sure you keep that in mind.) I say to her; “New York the state, not the city.”  She says, “New York is near Canada?” Me: “Yes. Not where we went.  We were in the city New York.  The state is also New York.” Lacy, “Yeah, I know where New York is, I’m just not sure where Canada is.”  Me: I blink at her a couple of times, open my mouth, close it….”What do you mean you don’t know where Canada is?  It’s the giant piece of land that sits on the top of the US!”  Lacy, “oh, I thought Canada was over on this side (West Coast).”  I burst out laughing and made her come over and look at a map on the computer so she knew.  My poor geographically challenged sister.

Not so funny:  Monday morning as I type this I have NO voice what-so-ever!!  It is making for an interesting day at work!

Week in Review

Monday – My big accomplishment was moving my HUGE Cal King bed out of my room and putting in the new full size bed I snagged from dad.  It resulted in our house looking like this:

Cal King beds take up a lot of room and make a maze out of hallways!

Cal King beds take up a lot of room and make a maze out of hallways!

Lacy is not thrilled with me at the moment to say the least.  I did sell a mirror Monday & made $55.  Lacy is doing well with her sock sells on E-bay (that is a whole separate post we will get to one of these days).

Tuesday – The last day of April – Made my savings goal!!  I transferred all the money into our travel savings this morning.  It was down to the wire, but I did it! The goal for today is to get the bed in the hallway sold!  Lots of sales on E-bay today too, which is making a nice start to May’s savings goal.

Tuesday Update:  Bed is gone!!  We have a hallway back!

Wednesday:  I have 2 secret shops to do today and 2 scheduled for tomorrow.  Busy week.  I also woke up to this e-mail on Facebook today: “So you still had it after your yard sale? You were going to lower the price??? I assumed you sold it because you never got back to me. I guess you’re offering it to someone else????”  Quick back story here;  I posted this leaf face wall decor on the Facebook yard sale group for $10.  This woman messaged me at 3:30 am to ask me if I would take $5 for it.  I told her, Maybe if I still have it after our yard sale tomorrow.  She told me if I set it aside she would come get it around 10am.  I didn’t respond, it was 3:30 am and I needed to be up at 6! So the next day I get this message, “Where r u? Did u sell it? Ill come by now…”  I respond telling her I still have the item and gave her the address.  At this point we are in the middle of our yard sale.  She tells me, “Please set it aside. Ill come now.”  So I tell her ok, but it is $10 and she tells me never mind.  I tell her, “If i still have it after the yard sale I’ll go down on it, but not right now, we’ve had a lot of people come by.” She just replies with Ok.  Well after the yard sale I was still making arrangements for people to come over to look at a few things and selling more of the big stuff.  I was exhausted and really wasn’t worried about the leaf face.  I did bring it in the house so I could e-mail her, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to lower the price on it yet.  I did have a lot of people look at it and really like it and thought maybe I could get the $10 out of it on E-bay.  Yesterday I had another woman comment on the picture of it on the yard sale site asking about it, which prompted the e-mail I received this morning.  I just responded to her telling her that I had been busy and hadn’t thought about it and couldn’t meet this week anyway.  She really rubbed me the wrong way.  I don’t respond well to people being pushy and I felt like she was just pushing the $5 price on me from the start.  I hadn’t even agreed to it, I said MAYBE AFTER the yard sale and she was coming over in the middle of it to get it for the lower price.  I deleted it off the Facebook page.  I don’t want to deal with her and her attitude, I’ll sell it somewhere else.

I swear I can do a whole blog just on rude people on Facebook!

Thursday & Friday: Nothing got accomplished.  I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from work both days.  I even missed Theme Thursday!!   Friday night we did go see Vokab Kompany (I’ll upload pictures from the show on our Flicker site soon).

Saturday:  Sold another set of tires and Lacy FINALLY sold her table!!  It was a good day for both of us.  We also did 3 secret shops and some shopping in the mall.  Not too much got accomplished with selling, but it was a good day.

Sunday was a lazy day.  I watched Fringe all day and Lacy had a weird schedule and had to go to work at 3pm.  Not much of anything got done. Nothing got done.

Things are getting a little overwhelming and going to work each day is getting harder and harder.  Only two more months left.  When it comes to going to work that seems like such a long time, but when it comes to getting stuff sold and the house cleared out it seems like such a short time!

End of April Week in Review

I can’t believe April is nearly over!  There is so much still to do.

Monday – I applied for and got a secret shopper job.  $20 bucks to go do shopping that I have to do anyway?  Yes please.  I think the secret shops will be something that Lacy and I will be able to do on the road for some extra gas money too.  Also got a bunch of stuff loaded on E-bay.

Update on Mystery Shopping:  I registered with a few different companies and applied for a couple more shops. There are 2 shops Lacy and I are doing next weekend!  They may not pay a lot, but they will be easy for us to do on the road AND at the very least we know we will eat since a lot of them offer shops at restaurants and fast food places.

Tuesday – More stuff loaded to E-bay, couple of things selling for both me & Lacy.  Shipped out a comic book for Lacy today.  Trying to get as much done during the week so we can justify taking Saturday off to go up to a show in the mountains.

Wednesday – Spent almost my whole work day working on E-bay and getting tons of clothes loaded.  Shhh, don’t tell work that.  Lacy had a few comic books sell on Amazon.  I fought a headache the whole day so it was a struggle to get thru anything.  I’m just happy I got so many things posted to E-bay.  Sold 2 things on E-bay Wed. night.  Also had a person interested in the night stands to one of Dad’s bedroom sets he is having me sell.  I think I will have better luck selling it piece by piece.

Wednesday was also Administrative Professional Day.  My office was treated to a breakfast of fruits, yogurt, and pastries and a Mediterranean lunch.  There was also a vase of flowers in the lunch room with cards for everyone surrounding it this morning.  In the cards were AMEX gift cards for $50!  I have to say, I will miss Admin. Professionals Day in this office.  One year they took us to the local mall and gave all of us a $100 gift card and told us we could only spend it on ourselves.  We couldn’t buy anything for family members, the house, the kids, just stuff for ourselves.  After our shopping spree they then took us to an Italian restaurant and treated us all to dinner.  Best. Day. Ever.

Thursday –  Continued to get clothes loaded on E-bay.  Had 47 items listed by the end of the night Thursday.  I also bumped some posts on the Facebook yard sale groups to get more interest generated in them.  That resulted to the same asshole from last week that had asked if I was flat broke asking me, “Do you own a store or something?  You are on here posting stuff every day.”  I started to reply telling him that we had already been thru all of this and why was what I did so important to him and remind him that it is a yard sale group where everyone is selling their stuff.  Who cares how often or how much they post??  I typed it all out and then deleted it.  It is such a waste of energy.  I just went to my Facebook settings and blocked him.  I don’t need anyone stressing me out or giving me a hard time about something as silly as selling all of my stuff.  So, that will be the end of my problems with that one!

Friday – I’m short $346 of my savings goal for the month and have 5 days left of April (as of Friday).  Lacy had planned to go camping this weekend and I had planned to go see a show up in the mountains above Mariposa.  Instead I will be sitting at home posting items on E-bay, Craigslist, and Facebook, and doing everything I can to make that $346.  By the time I actually post this I should know if I’ll make it or not. At least I will be saving money by not going anywhere this weekend.  I’m sad about staying at home, but I know it will all be worth it come July.

Saturday – Not too much got accomplished but since Lacy didn’t go camping we decided to do a yard sale Sunday.  The highlight of MY Saturday was my trip to the grocery store.  I just ran in to get a couple of things.  On my way in I noticed a couple of cards on the ground.  When I came out, they were still there so I picked them up.  They were gift cards for Savemart.  When I got home I called to check to see if they had a balance on them.  They BOTH had $15 on them!

Sunday – We had an awesome yard sale!  Sold a set of tires and a bedroom set.  Lacy and I both did really well.  As of today (Monday morning) I have $83.00 more dollars to make to reach my goal for the month and I have someone coming over for a mirror tonight; if she shows up that will put me $28 away from my goal!

Week in Review

I took Monday and Tuesday off last week.  The band Viva Le Vox was coming into town and they usually stay at our house so I wanted to be able to visit with them more than I normally get to.  They didn’t end up staying with me, so the days off turned into days to get things done.  Monday I got the gym out of the way early and then worked on blog stuff and ran a few other errands.  Monday night I went to Audies to see Viva le Vox and Joe Buck play.

Viva le Vox

Viva le Vox

You can see more pictures from Monday night on my Theme Thursday post from last week.

Tuesday I got to sleep in & had a dentist appointment to go to (Lacy went on Monday) then got a few more errands ran that I needed to take care of.  Lacy got some stuff posted on line, I however had done nothing so far this week to make progress for our trip.

Wednesday – Nothing exciting to report.  Posted some stuff to E-bay and Lacy posted some stuff to Facebook and Amazon.

Hello??  Did anyone see my Thursday?  I swear it was just here a second ago.  No?  Oh well, guess we will just move on to Friday.  I went home Thursday evening, made dinner, ate and watched an episode of Fringe.  I woke up in the dark living room with bird sitting on his perch going, “boop boop boop” really quietly.  Guess I was tired and needed a nap!

Friday –  Lacy and I both struggled thru the work day.  We were excited to get out of town for the weekend and couldn’t wait for quitting time.  When we finally got off work  we packed up our stuff and drove to Atascadero and spent the night at Motel 6.  I know, I know, so much build up to just drive to Atascadero to stay in a Motel 6.  The real fun came on Saturday.

Saturday – We attended the Higher Grounds Music Festival at Pozo Saloon.  We got out to the festival around 2pm and stayed until Yelawolf and Travis Barker played (they were who we were there to see).  I’ll have a post up tomorrow with much more details about our Higher Grounds experience.  Before the concert we drove around Atascadero exploring and found a cool little cafe to eat at.  They served my veggie omelet and home fried with a small piece of fried chicken, but  I told the waitress that I was going to just pretend that I didn’t see it and get over it.  I really wanted those potatoes.  We even went to the Atascadero Lake & Park and walked around for awhile.  After the concert we stopped in San Luis for some food and headed out to find a hotel in Morro Bay.

Sunday – Sunday we got up and went hiking at the Montaña de Oro State Park and the Morro Bay State Park before heading back home.  I will have posts about both of these places up by Wednesday (hopefully).  I may even throw in a little bit about our time in Atascadero.  It was a fun weekend.  We tried to get in as many activities as we could before we had to come home.  We knew we weren’t going to have many more trips out of town until our life turns into one big trip in July.

We may not have gotten a lot of stuff accomplished toward our goal of traveling in July, but we did get to hear some great music and have a lot of fun this week!

Make sure you check back all week for updated on this past weekend and don’t forget about Theme Thursday.  I captured some great shots on our hike for that one!

Week in Review

Monday started the week off well.  Everyone that was scheduled to pick up items actually did and on time so I was able to make it to the gym.

Tuesday- sold a purse on E-bay and a book yesterday on Amazon, shipping both out today.  Have 4 more people scheduled to pick up stuff today, plus one for tomorrow.  The past few days have totally made up for this past weekend.  I think we are going to have a really good month.  I also have someone that is interested in buying a set of tires I have on Craigslist for my dad.  I don’t know how much we get out of that deal, but I know we get something!

Lacy was having doubts still and talked to a few people this week that made her feel better.  She asked her boyfriend and a co-worker, “Would you give up everything, your job, security, all of that, to take off and travel?”  They both said yes.  Her co-worker has a child, so he can’t just up and leave and her boyfriend just got an awesome job that he loves so he has no desire to leave.  She doesn’t have kids and hates her job, so the things that are stopping them from traveling are not stopping her.  She felt better getting reassurance from other people that it wasn’t a totally crazy idea and that the benefits far outweighed the sacrifices.  Now, if we could just get her over the fact that we will be living in a van (down by the river) we will be ok.

Lacy and I love to tell people we are going to live in a van down by the river.

Lacy and I love to tell people we are going to live in a van down by the river.

Saturday I participated in my 7th MS Walk.

7 Years of MS Walk Medals

7 Years of MS Walk Medals

Sunday I was posting some more stuff to the Facebook yard sale groups when a guy asked, “Are you moving or just flat out broke? You post like every hour on this site!”  I replied, “I haven’t added anything since last week. And I’m moving.”  I wish I would have replied, “I’m a recovering hoarder and this is the stuff that I have held onto for the last year.  I’m trying to get rid of it before I slip back into a sickness that I can’t recover from.”  But, you know, you always think of what you should have said after it is too late.  I just don’t understand why people have to be such jerks.  What is it to him if I am broke or not and who is he to bring it to the attention of all of the Facebook group?  If I was selling stuff because I was broke, it would have most likely really embarrassed me to be called out like that.  No one wants to admit their financial troubles.  Besides, it is a online yard sale group, we are there to post and sell things.  I think what bothers me most is that the comment bothers me at all.  I let it get under my skin for some reason. 

After the rude comment of Facebook I felt a little defeated with selling stuff and decided to work on some crafts.  I ran into a couple of bumps with that, but quickly figured out a solution to my problem and got to work.  I am feeling 100 time better just being creative and not stressing about what we need to sell.

And now on to a new week!

A Rough Week (in Review)

Last week was really rough.  I can’t tell you what we sold, what progress we made toward our goal, or much of anything related to our trip at all.  All I know is we experienced a huge amount of loss last week.

If you read my Theme Thursday post last week, you know that we lost my mom’s dog Murphy.  Mom also had a horse that she was boarding that had to be put down on Tuesday due to a huge kidney stone that caused something to rupture. Then there was Thursday, Thursday was the worst day of all.  Thursday we had to say goodbye to Kitty.

Kitty is Lacy’s cat and she was 17 years old this month.  Kitty was never fond of me.  She spent her entire life hissing at me and trying to bite me.  I don’t know what it was, but the cat just did NOT like me one bit.  Personally, I think she associated me with an injury she had as a kitten (I was the one to pick her up from the vet).  Pretty sure she remembered that her whole life.  Whatever her issue with me was, this last time that Lacy moved in with me Kitty decided I was her new best friend.  If I was sitting anywhere in the house she had to be sitting on me or next to me.  I began to feel like I had a little furry growth attached to me.   Last week she didn’t sit with me at all though.  There was a pile of blankets that kept getting left on the couch or the floor and we thought one of the cats was peeing on it.  Sid and Pixie (our other two cats) got locked outside because of it.  Tuesday night I was sitting on the couch and got of whiff of what smelled like cat pee.  I got up to investigate and the blanket that Kitty was lying on was soaking wet.  I thought it was really weird that she would be lying in pee and not notice.  I moved her and threw the blanket out in the garage to be washed.  Wednesday Kitty was still in the same spot on the pile of blankets on the couch.  I notice that she was drooling really bad and the blankets were all wet again.  Turns out that it was her drool that kept soaking the blankets and making them smell (Lovely huh?).  She had a glazed look on her face and didn’t respond if you petted her or walked past her.  Her eyes would make a slight movement like she was saying, “Why are you touching me? Just leave me be.”  but that was it.   I sat on the couch with her and read my book until well past my bedtime because I was scared to leave her alone.  I knew something wasn’t right.  I left a note for Lacy to check on her when she got up in the morning & Lacy knew too, something wasn’t right with Kitty.  Thursday was the same.  Lacy and I talked about it all day via text messages and decided that we needed to take her in to the vet and most likely put her down.  She was obviously suffering and we couldn’t let her go through that.  I called and made an appointment and left work early to go pick up Lacy and Kitty.

We decided to have an evaluation done on her before we made any decisions even though we knew what the end result was already going to be.  Kitty was having kidney failure.  The vet walked us through everything and in the end the best decision was to put her down.  We said our goodbyes and cried and cried and they came and got Kitty.  I’m starting to get choked up all over again just from writing this.  The really sad part was once we pulled her out of her crate she was more active than she had been all week.  She was purring and seemed happy (except for when the vet took her temperature) and was enjoying being petted.  It made our decision that much harder.

It’s always a difficult decision to put an animal down.  You question your decision.  Was it the right thing to do? What if she could have gotten better? What if she wasn’t ready to go yet?  But as hard as it is, we know we did the right thing for her.  She was obviously in pain and she had a long and happy life and it was time to let her go.

R.I.P. Kitty

Kitty on her last day with us.  We miss you!

Kitty on her last day with us. We miss you!

A Week in Review – Kind of…

I didn’t keep track of anything this week.  Actually, I didn’t do much of anything at all this past week.  I met my savings goal for March and then kind of slacked off.

Honestly I have found the week in reviews to be kind of boring.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!  I’ve been thinking of ways to revamp and make them more interesting for you so hopefully from here on out they will be.

Where I slacked off though, Lacy revved up into full gear.  She found motivation one day and has been running with it ever since!  She has lots of items for sale on Facebook and Amazon and has been selling stuff everyday.

Yesterday was Easter and Lacy had to work (time and 1/2 is always worth it) so I went up to our parents ranch by myself.  It was a really nice day and I got a lot of great pictures to share for a couple of Theme Thursdays coming up and took pictures of some items Dad is letting us sell.  Mom, Dad, and Granny are all wonderful people and are giving us so much stuff to sell to help us make more money for our adventure.  Dad even sold a couple of bikes and just gave us the money for them.  We didn’t even have to do any work.  It’s awesome to have such supportive people in our lives, especially when we are doing something that most of the world thinks is crazy.  I really appreciate all the support we receive from them.

And now I will leave you with a few pictures from Easter at the ranch.  Enjoy and make sure to come back Thursday for a funny theme!  I captured an AWESOME picture for it!

This is my absolute favorite picture of the day!  Self portrait with a nosy horse.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the day! Self portrait with a nosy horse.

Artsy picture of the field of flowers and Betty.  I was actually using the selective color effect on my camera, but the purple in the flowers is so light it looks black & white.

Artsy picture of the field of flowers and Betty. I was actually using the selective color effect on my camera, but the purple in the flowers is so light it looks black & white.

Mom made these cute little chicky eggs

Mom made these cute little chicky eggs

Murphy and Wyatt waiting to see what Mom plans to do.

Murphy and Wyatt waiting to see what Mom plans to do.

A couple of the horses posing for pictures.

A couple of the horses posing for pictures.

This was a happy accident.  I was trying to take a picture of the flowers with the background blurry and ended up getting Betty in focus with blurry flowers.  I love it!

This was a happy accident. I was trying to take a picture of the flowers with the background blurry and ended up getting Betty in focus with blurry flowers. I love it!

The Week in Review

Monday – Today has been 100 times better than the whole weekend.  I’ve already made $35 on three things since I have been home and sold 2 things on E-bay and one on Amazon.  Awesome!

Thursday – accepted a promotion job that will make me $550 toward our trip.  I’ll be working every Saturday in May and all but one Saturday in June, but it is easy work and it will be worth the extra money! (actually added one more day to this so I’ll be making over $600 toward the trip)

Saturday – Did really well selling stuff off Facebook. Made $50! Not bad at all.

Not an exciting week.  Took a few days off to relax a bit and re-group.

Took a much needed trip to  Sequoia National Park on Sunday.   I can’t wait until we get to spend more time in the parks.

Weekly stats:
Packages shipped: 7
E-bay sales: 4
Craigslist sales: 1
Amazon sales: 1
Facebook sales: 11
Ebay sales not paid for: 1

Keep an eye out for my post (complete with pictures) of our trip to Sequoia National Park.  Here is a preview picture….

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

The Week in Review

Monday – Dropped of a few packages at the post office and posted a bunch of stuff to Facebook, even sold a few things.

Tuesday – Nothing got done.  I was tired and I had been fighting an off and on headache for 2 days.  I took a nap when I got home from work, got up and watched TV for an hour and went back to bed.  Lacy had the day off & I’m pretty sure spent it doing fun stuff instead of stuff for the trip.

Wednesday  – Updated Craigslist & lowered prices on a bunch of Facebook items, which prompted Wednesdays blog about how difficult people are when you are selling all your possessions. Researched auto detailing and searched for a van.  Didn’t do much once we were home.  Lacy found out she had an ulcer and was in pain all day.  We did decide that if she was feeling well on Sunday we would to a yard sale.  I did have 2 people come pick up stuff and one person flake out on coming to buy a TV. A woman sent her Husband to pick up a platter and he was so funny.  He knocked so softly on the door and when I answered it he was swinging his hands by his sides like a little kid and said, “My wife sent me for a platter thing?” like he was so unsure of himself.  It was cute.

Thursday – Received an e-mail from the woman who bought the Coach purse but didn’t pay for it.  She is waiting for payday as I suspected and said she will make a payment tomorrow.  Let’s hope she does.  I’m also meeting a woman tonight to sell her two of my hoodies.  That will be THREE hoodies gone this week!  ACK!  Deep breaths….I can do this!  Posted new stuff to Facebook to sell.

Friday – Have people scheduled to come pick up items tomorrow (let’s hope they show), Lacy has someone coming to pick up a purse today.  I also talked to a guy about buying a van.  I sent a text asking if it was still available and how much he wanted for it and he said it was available and to make an offer.  I told him that I couldn’t make a serious offer without seeing it, but Blue Book on it was $2,154.  He said that was the worst offer he had received.  Finally told me that he turned down a $4,500 offer for it and thru some internet research I found his original posting where he was asking $5,800 for it.  At least I have a range to work with now.  I think I’ll see if Dad has time to take a look at it tomorrow and see what he thinks.  I don’t think this is going to be the van for us, but you never know until you look!

Friday night E-bay sent me a notice saying they had removed my listing for my Coach purse because it could not be authenticated.  It was the one that already sold and I was waiting for payment!  I contacted the girl who bought it from me and she said she didn’t care if it was real or not, she wanted it.  So I relisted it as a generic purse, she bought it again and paid for it this time and all ended well!!

Sunday we had another yard sale and it was horrible.  We had 3 cars come by and no one bought anything.  We packed it up early and took the rest of the day off!

It’s been a rough couple of days, but it is a new week and I am close to meeting my savings goal for this month.  I’m ready to take on the new week!

I didn’t intend for this to be so long, next weeks will be shorter! I swear.

Stats for the week:
Packages Shipped: 7
Ebay sales that were paid for:  1
Ebay sales not paid for: 1 (these ended up being one in the same)
Facebook sales: 10
Amazon Sales: 1
Etsy sales: 0
Craigslist sales: 0

The Week in Review

I really really wanted to start a week in review segment today, but of course I left the house without my flash drive today…  My flash drive that had all my blog notes on it and all the pictures I wanted to upload to Craigslist and my Facebook yard sale groups today.  Guess I’ll be up late posting photos tonight to try to catch up and it looks like I will be winging this first week in review.  Not really the impression I wanted to make with it, but oh well, that is how life goes these days.

Let see if I can remember everything from last week.

We did pretty well with selling things.  Lacy finally sold one of her large terrariums and made a few extra bucks by delivering it.   I was nickle and dimed to death all week and kept making little sales, but I guess it is better than nothing! We both sold a few items that we had listed on Amazon and I had my socks sell on E-bay (yes, socks, that will be a whole blog post of it’s own soon).  I quickly discovered that the socks were missing and I had to e-mail the person this morning telling them I would have to issue them a refund or a replacement (super lame).

We planned on having a yard sale this Sunday and I spent all night Saturday preparing for it.  I pulled out a bunch of bakeware and glassware and cleaned it all up and priced it all.  Then we decided that we needed a break and slept in instead.  I still had the intention of having a mid-morning yard sale, but that didn’t happen either.  Instead I watched Alaskan State Troopers on Netflix all day.  I did sell a wallet for $3.00 via Facebook Yard Sale though.  Woo Hoo!  Big money!  I did also photograph all the the items to list online this week (and left it all on my flash drive at home today).

Saturday was at least a productive day.  I took the car in to American Tire and they rotated and balanced my tires.  I love American tire.  They take such good care of you in there.  I made an appointment for 9am and got there a few minutes early and I was out of there by 9:15!  After American Tire I went to PepBoys and got an oil change an new windshield wipers.  All of these things are just steps toward selling my car.  Earlier this week I replaced the windshield in it.  All I have left to do is get it detailed and then I can put it up for sale.  It makes my tummy do a little flip flop to actually say that I am going to sell it.  It’s kind of funny the things we get attached to.

The rest of Saturday was spent with mom, who brought down a bunch of purses and wallets and other goodies for us to sell.  Thanks Mom!

I’m sure I am leaving out something interesting from last week, but I guess that is just how it will have to be for now.   Hopefully next weeks review will be a little more organized.  We can hope anyway!