A Look Back at September

September brought The Ramblin’ Sisters back together

September2014 126

We started the month off at Muddy Roots Music Festival.  After the festival was over we decided to head back to California.  On the way we stopped in Memphis, TN and visited Beale Street.


Our next stop was Deer, AR so we could cross a destination off our bucket list.  We decided to hike to Glory Hole Falls, which is located in the Ozark National Forrest, or as I liked to call it,  backwoods Arkansas.  We arrived at the trail head an hour before the sun was going down.  I’ll do a more detailed post on the whole hike, but just know that it is pretty terrifying to be hiking up a super steep hill at dusk in the middle of the woods in Arkansas.  It was also totally worth it.

September2014 005

Unfortunately all this pictures in the cave came out blurry.

Unfortunately all this pictures in the cave came out blurry.

The next day we stopped at the Cherokee Trading Post to see the buffalo.

September2014 025

We  then spent the night in Texas while we decided what we were going to do next.  We decided to head up to Four Corners and stand in four states at once.

September2014 050 September2014 053

We visited the Glen Canyon Dam.

September2014 060

We arrived in Utah

September2014 069

In Utah we visited a really cool cave on the side of the road.  I will do a full post on MoQui Cave soon, but for now, here is a picture of the outside.

September2014 101

From there we visited Zion National Park.  We arrived at the park in the late afternoon so we decided to camp in the park and hike the next day.

September2014 104 September2014 125

We arrived home on the ranch the next day.  Lacy headed back to Fresno and I got settled into my new room.

September also took us on a quick day trip to Santa Cruz to see Slim Cessna Auto Club at the Crepe Place and it also found me a seasonal job at the mall.

I look forward to all the adventures October had in store for us!