California Route 66 Museum


Last month, after Thanksgiving, my Dad and my sister came down to visit.  One of the places I took them was to the Route 66 Museum in Victorville.  This place was a blast!  They had a ton of great exhibits, friendly volunteers with a wealth of knowledge, and an awesome Route 66 video to watch.

We were greeted by one of their wonderful volunteers as soon as we walked in the door and encouraged to take pictures in their VW bus.  We even got dad to participate!

1127161058.jpg 1127161057a.jpg 1127161056.jpg

There were lots of fun exhibits to see in this place.

1127161105.jpg 1127161129a.jpg 1127161134.jpg

The museum is not that big, but we managed to spend over an hour in it.  You can check out their website here and if you are in the Victorville area, I highly recommend a visit!



Cesar E. Chavez National Monument

I made a trip home to Fresno this weekend and on my way back I stopped in to visit the Cesar Chavez National Monument.  The Monument is located in Keene, CA and well worth the stop.  It’s less than a mile from the freeway to get to the monument, but easy to pass.  I saw the sign on the side of the road, but the driveway didn’t appear to go anywhere.  It makes a sharp turn and goes down to the visitor center.  So what looks like a pullout IS actually the driveway.

Once I found my way to the visitor center I was pleasantly surprised.  The grounds at La Paz (short for Nuestra Senora Reina De La Paz (Our Lady Queen of Peace)) are absolutely beautiful.  You can take a virtual tour of the grounds HERE.

There is a museum in the visitor center, which used to be the administrative building for the United Farm Workers.  Now the building houses displays such as; Cesar Chavez’s office, a replica of farm housing, photos and displays of the Delano Grape Strike, and so much more.

Before it was a visitor center it was the headquarters for the United Farm Workers movement and before that it was a tuberculosis ward.  The history in just one building on the property is amazing!

Outside they have a beautiful memorial garden that includes the final resting place of Cesar Chavez.  There are also trails around the gardens and beautiful roses everywhere.

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Trinidad, CA

Trinidad is a tiny little seaside town that is located about 10 miles north of my apartment.  I love it in Trinidad and have spent a few days up there hiking over the past few weeks.

On New Years Eve I hiked the Trinidad Head Trail, which is a little over a mile loop with fantastic views.  It was a beautiful day and I was happy to be able to finally check this trail off my to do list.

Tinidad 008

As you start up the trail, you have a beautiful view of the beach.

Tinidad 005

A couple of shots from different point around the trail…

Tinidad 034 Tinidad 038

As I completed my loop I came back around to this stunning view of the town.  I think this was my favorite shot of the day.

Tinidad 058

My next trip to Trinidad was a few days later with my roommate and the weather was quite different.  It was grey and dreary and threatened to rain on us at any moment.  We were still able to see quite a bit of the town and hike down to several of the beaches.

I’m going to pause for a moment here and throw in my Theme Thursday post for this week since the photos I am using were taken on this particular adventure.

The next two photos are my contribution to today’s Theme Thursday over at California to Korea.  The Theme today is “find your focal point.”  I’m actually not too fond of the second picture, but I liked that the background was white and blurred. I just wish the bird wasn’t so dark.

ZooDay 197

ZooDay 206

Back to the adventure…

We had started our adventure looking for the casino while failing to pay attention to roadside signs.  We had all day so we just took a Sunday drive up Patrick’s Point Drive where we spotted some sea lions (Okay, Andy spotted the sea lions.  I would have totally missed them).  The first picture is the normal view of the rock.  Take a look at the bottom right hand almost corner of  it and you will see come brown specks.

ZooDay 096

Zoomed in, you can see that they are sea lions!

ZooDay 092

A scenic view from along Patrick’s Point Drive:

ZooDay 089

We then headed back south and along Scenic Drive, where the casino is actually located.  We quickly found the casino and decided to take advantage of what little daylight we had left and see what else there was to see along Scenic Drive.  We stopped at Luffenholtz Beach County Park and explored the beach and the views there.

ZooDay 138 ZooDay 223

The picture below is the beach the birds were on, this is also a view from the trail pictured above.  ZooDay 230

And below is the view to the left of the trail…

ZooDay 225

This past Sunday we went up to Trinidad State Beach and did some hiking.  Here are a few shots from along the trails.

Tinidad 071Tinidad 063 Tinidad 079 Tinidad 094

The picture below is of Megwill Point.  This is my most favorite place I have been to so far.  Unfortunately, WordPress decided you did not need to see any other pictures of this particular spot.  For some reason it did not load all the photos I had selected.  The picture below is where the trail pretty much ends. You come down the trail, down some slightly scary steps, and onto a large dirt surface with stellar views of the ocean all around you.  Tinidad 100

Okay, I had to hop over to Facebook and download another picture of this spot to give you some perspective (I’m at work and do not have access to all my photos).  Below is the view from the end of the trail, before you head down the stairs.


After our time at Megwill Point we headed back toward the car.  We decided to walk the main road and had a fun adventure crossing a washed out section of it about halfway back.  Once we got back we went into the town of Trinidad for lunch at wonderful little cafe that has excellent vegetarian and vegan options.  After lunch we walked through town and went down to Old Home Beach to explore.  There we got to see more Sea Lions, but I didn’t have my zoom lens to capture any pictures of them.  I did get a beautiful picture on the way down to the beach and a couple of fun shots of the water though.

Tinidad 170

Tinidad 162

Tinidad 138

I’ve really enjoyed exploring Trinidad the past few weeks and look forward to more adventure days in this tiny little seaside town!