Catchlights Theme Thursday

This weeks theme was catchlights.  What are catchlights, you ask? A catchlight is the “light source that causes a spectacular highlight in a subject’s eye in an image.”  I don’t know about spectacular, but here is my effort for the week…

I love this picture.  I feel like he is saying, “Really, Human? Don’t you have better things to do with your life?”


I’m sure if you head on over to California to Korea you will see a much better representation of catchlights than this.

I did go out hiking this past week and have some great photos to share next week for our close-up Theme Thursday, so stay tuned!

10 on 10 – June 2014 – Asheville, NC

I’m terrible at remembering to do 10 on 10 posts!  This is my second one in over a year! I’m hoping to get better at remembering to do them, but for now, here is my 10 0n 10 in Asheville, NC at the home I am housesitting for.


I had plans to go out exploring and thrift store shopping today, but one thing after another happened this morning  and I finally decided to make it a quiet day at home.  Here is my day in 10 pictures over 10 hours.

8:50 a.m. – Breakfast

Asheville 018

9:50 am – This was supposed to be a picture of my workspace for the day, but the picture was blurry and I didn’t like it.  Instead I give you,  the sneaky cat that I found in the house that doesn’t live here.  I love the look he is giving me, like “how DARE you chase me out of your house!”

Asheville 039

10:50 a.m. – Enjoying an ice cold Diet Pepsi in my Dad Horse Experience coozie

Asheville 021

11:50 a.m. – Picking out what jewelry to wear.  This resulted in me locking my keys in the van.  I went out to the van to get a necklace and after I had chosen which one I wanted I scooped up all the rest and put them back in the box, along with the van key.  Also, the clasp broke on the necklace I wanted to wear.  Not my day for jewelry.

Asheville 020

12:50 p.m. Lounging Kitties

Asheville 022

1:50 p.m. – Window View

Asheville 025

2:50 p.m. – Time to check the mail

Asheville 023

3:50 p.m. – Out in the garden

Asheville 029

4:50 p.m. – Notes for work

Asheville 037

5:50 p.m. – My goal tonight is to finish this book

Asheville 040

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Pixie Gets a New Home

I HATE getting rid of pets!  That has been the worst part of this whole experience.  I always feel like a terrible person and like the animal thinks that we just abandoned it.  We have been very fortunate to find all of our animals loving homes though.

Last night I took Pixie over to my cousin Jennifer’s house.

At first she was like this:

No way I am coming out from under here!

No way I am coming out from under here!

And then she was like this:

Okay, maybe I overreacted, this place is kinda cool.

And then she was like this:

Hey Look!  My bed!

Hey Look! My bed!

And finally she was like this:

I think I like it here.  These humans are cool.

I think I like it here. These humans are cool.