The Week in Review

Monday – Today has been 100 times better than the whole weekend.  I’ve already made $35 on three things since I have been home and sold 2 things on E-bay and one on Amazon.  Awesome!

Thursday – accepted a promotion job that will make me $550 toward our trip.  I’ll be working every Saturday in May and all but one Saturday in June, but it is easy work and it will be worth the extra money! (actually added one more day to this so I’ll be making over $600 toward the trip)

Saturday – Did really well selling stuff off Facebook. Made $50! Not bad at all.

Not an exciting week.  Took a few days off to relax a bit and re-group.

Took a much needed trip to  Sequoia National Park on Sunday.   I can’t wait until we get to spend more time in the parks.

Weekly stats:
Packages shipped: 7
E-bay sales: 4
Craigslist sales: 1
Amazon sales: 1
Facebook sales: 11
Ebay sales not paid for: 1

Keep an eye out for my post (complete with pictures) of our trip to Sequoia National Park.  Here is a preview picture….

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

Lacy and I hiking in the snow in Sequoia National Park.

The Week in Review

Monday – Dropped of a few packages at the post office and posted a bunch of stuff to Facebook, even sold a few things.

Tuesday – Nothing got done.  I was tired and I had been fighting an off and on headache for 2 days.  I took a nap when I got home from work, got up and watched TV for an hour and went back to bed.  Lacy had the day off & I’m pretty sure spent it doing fun stuff instead of stuff for the trip.

Wednesday  – Updated Craigslist & lowered prices on a bunch of Facebook items, which prompted Wednesdays blog about how difficult people are when you are selling all your possessions. Researched auto detailing and searched for a van.  Didn’t do much once we were home.  Lacy found out she had an ulcer and was in pain all day.  We did decide that if she was feeling well on Sunday we would to a yard sale.  I did have 2 people come pick up stuff and one person flake out on coming to buy a TV. A woman sent her Husband to pick up a platter and he was so funny.  He knocked so softly on the door and when I answered it he was swinging his hands by his sides like a little kid and said, “My wife sent me for a platter thing?” like he was so unsure of himself.  It was cute.

Thursday – Received an e-mail from the woman who bought the Coach purse but didn’t pay for it.  She is waiting for payday as I suspected and said she will make a payment tomorrow.  Let’s hope she does.  I’m also meeting a woman tonight to sell her two of my hoodies.  That will be THREE hoodies gone this week!  ACK!  Deep breaths….I can do this!  Posted new stuff to Facebook to sell.

Friday – Have people scheduled to come pick up items tomorrow (let’s hope they show), Lacy has someone coming to pick up a purse today.  I also talked to a guy about buying a van.  I sent a text asking if it was still available and how much he wanted for it and he said it was available and to make an offer.  I told him that I couldn’t make a serious offer without seeing it, but Blue Book on it was $2,154.  He said that was the worst offer he had received.  Finally told me that he turned down a $4,500 offer for it and thru some internet research I found his original posting where he was asking $5,800 for it.  At least I have a range to work with now.  I think I’ll see if Dad has time to take a look at it tomorrow and see what he thinks.  I don’t think this is going to be the van for us, but you never know until you look!

Friday night E-bay sent me a notice saying they had removed my listing for my Coach purse because it could not be authenticated.  It was the one that already sold and I was waiting for payment!  I contacted the girl who bought it from me and she said she didn’t care if it was real or not, she wanted it.  So I relisted it as a generic purse, she bought it again and paid for it this time and all ended well!!

Sunday we had another yard sale and it was horrible.  We had 3 cars come by and no one bought anything.  We packed it up early and took the rest of the day off!

It’s been a rough couple of days, but it is a new week and I am close to meeting my savings goal for this month.  I’m ready to take on the new week!

I didn’t intend for this to be so long, next weeks will be shorter! I swear.

Stats for the week:
Packages Shipped: 7
Ebay sales that were paid for:  1
Ebay sales not paid for: 1 (these ended up being one in the same)
Facebook sales: 10
Amazon Sales: 1
Etsy sales: 0
Craigslist sales: 0

The Week in Review

I really really wanted to start a week in review segment today, but of course I left the house without my flash drive today…  My flash drive that had all my blog notes on it and all the pictures I wanted to upload to Craigslist and my Facebook yard sale groups today.  Guess I’ll be up late posting photos tonight to try to catch up and it looks like I will be winging this first week in review.  Not really the impression I wanted to make with it, but oh well, that is how life goes these days.

Let see if I can remember everything from last week.

We did pretty well with selling things.  Lacy finally sold one of her large terrariums and made a few extra bucks by delivering it.   I was nickle and dimed to death all week and kept making little sales, but I guess it is better than nothing! We both sold a few items that we had listed on Amazon and I had my socks sell on E-bay (yes, socks, that will be a whole blog post of it’s own soon).  I quickly discovered that the socks were missing and I had to e-mail the person this morning telling them I would have to issue them a refund or a replacement (super lame).

We planned on having a yard sale this Sunday and I spent all night Saturday preparing for it.  I pulled out a bunch of bakeware and glassware and cleaned it all up and priced it all.  Then we decided that we needed a break and slept in instead.  I still had the intention of having a mid-morning yard sale, but that didn’t happen either.  Instead I watched Alaskan State Troopers on Netflix all day.  I did sell a wallet for $3.00 via Facebook Yard Sale though.  Woo Hoo!  Big money!  I did also photograph all the the items to list online this week (and left it all on my flash drive at home today).

Saturday was at least a productive day.  I took the car in to American Tire and they rotated and balanced my tires.  I love American tire.  They take such good care of you in there.  I made an appointment for 9am and got there a few minutes early and I was out of there by 9:15!  After American Tire I went to PepBoys and got an oil change an new windshield wipers.  All of these things are just steps toward selling my car.  Earlier this week I replaced the windshield in it.  All I have left to do is get it detailed and then I can put it up for sale.  It makes my tummy do a little flip flop to actually say that I am going to sell it.  It’s kind of funny the things we get attached to.

The rest of Saturday was spent with mom, who brought down a bunch of purses and wallets and other goodies for us to sell.  Thanks Mom!

I’m sure I am leaving out something interesting from last week, but I guess that is just how it will have to be for now.   Hopefully next weeks review will be a little more organized.  We can hope anyway!