A Crafty Theme Thursday

What a fitting Theme Thursday for me.  I spent yesterday at Michaels and JoAnn’s looking for crafting supplies so I can get started on some new pendant ideas that I have been thinking of.  Lacy is also taking on some crafting this week and making a card and some wrapping paper for birthday presents.  I also want to get started on some new cross stitch ideas, but I’m having a crafters block on what to do with that one.

Here is a preview of my latest pendent project.


If you want to check out my finished pendants head on over to my Esty site.

Pendants 085

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The Week in Review

Monday – Dropped of a few packages at the post office and posted a bunch of stuff to Facebook, even sold a few things.

Tuesday – Nothing got done.  I was tired and I had been fighting an off and on headache for 2 days.  I took a nap when I got home from work, got up and watched TV for an hour and went back to bed.  Lacy had the day off & I’m pretty sure spent it doing fun stuff instead of stuff for the trip.

Wednesday  – Updated Craigslist & lowered prices on a bunch of Facebook items, which prompted Wednesdays blog about how difficult people are when you are selling all your possessions. Researched auto detailing and searched for a van.  Didn’t do much once we were home.  Lacy found out she had an ulcer and was in pain all day.  We did decide that if she was feeling well on Sunday we would to a yard sale.  I did have 2 people come pick up stuff and one person flake out on coming to buy a TV. A woman sent her Husband to pick up a platter and he was so funny.  He knocked so softly on the door and when I answered it he was swinging his hands by his sides like a little kid and said, “My wife sent me for a platter thing?” like he was so unsure of himself.  It was cute.

Thursday – Received an e-mail from the woman who bought the Coach purse but didn’t pay for it.  She is waiting for payday as I suspected and said she will make a payment tomorrow.  Let’s hope she does.  I’m also meeting a woman tonight to sell her two of my hoodies.  That will be THREE hoodies gone this week!  ACK!  Deep breaths….I can do this!  Posted new stuff to Facebook to sell.

Friday – Have people scheduled to come pick up items tomorrow (let’s hope they show), Lacy has someone coming to pick up a purse today.  I also talked to a guy about buying a van.  I sent a text asking if it was still available and how much he wanted for it and he said it was available and to make an offer.  I told him that I couldn’t make a serious offer without seeing it, but Blue Book on it was $2,154.  He said that was the worst offer he had received.  Finally told me that he turned down a $4,500 offer for it and thru some internet research I found his original posting where he was asking $5,800 for it.  At least I have a range to work with now.  I think I’ll see if Dad has time to take a look at it tomorrow and see what he thinks.  I don’t think this is going to be the van for us, but you never know until you look!

Friday night E-bay sent me a notice saying they had removed my listing for my Coach purse because it could not be authenticated.  It was the one that already sold and I was waiting for payment!  I contacted the girl who bought it from me and she said she didn’t care if it was real or not, she wanted it.  So I relisted it as a generic purse, she bought it again and paid for it this time and all ended well!!

Sunday we had another yard sale and it was horrible.  We had 3 cars come by and no one bought anything.  We packed it up early and took the rest of the day off!

It’s been a rough couple of days, but it is a new week and I am close to meeting my savings goal for this month.  I’m ready to take on the new week!

I didn’t intend for this to be so long, next weeks will be shorter! I swear.

Stats for the week:
Packages Shipped: 7
Ebay sales that were paid for:  1
Ebay sales not paid for: 1 (these ended up being one in the same)
Facebook sales: 10
Amazon Sales: 1
Etsy sales: 0
Craigslist sales: 0

It’s a Green Theme Thursday

Warning:  I’m going to get a little artsy on this Theme Thursday.

When I first started my online photo class last month, Monet was my subject for everything.  Actually, let’s back up a bit, when I bought my camera in January Monet was my test subject to try out all the modes and effects.  Than is mainly what you are going to see here today.

One of my favorite effects on the camera is the selective color effect. You can select a color and the camera will only pick up that color or, depending on how you adjust it, different hues of that color.  So Monet can look like this:
16678_10200204944032004_2075009112_nOr I can take the green away and just show the orange colors on him like this:

603366_10200204942831974_798717754_nI’m sure you can see why I like this effect so much.  It makes for very cool pictures.

While I was going through my closet the other day I found this guy

Annalee Spider Mobile

Annalee Spider Mobile

I don’t know if you have ever seen Annalee Dolls before or not, but they are something else.  We have little Elf ones that my mom sets out every Christmas.  My sister and I used to think they were the creepiest things in the world and know we fight over who is going to get them (just kidding, my sister and I rarely fight and when we do it goes something like this:  “I don’t want to talk to you right now.”  5 minutes of silence if that.  “Look at the goat!” or something else just as random).

Anyway, if you would like to see what this guy looks like in full color, click on the picture and it will take you to my Etsy page where is available to whomever wants to give him a new home.

Did you also notice the pile of salt & pepper shakers in the background of this picture?  They too are finally uploaded to my Etsy page.  Feel free to browse around.

And now for my final green picture…..

iCommit - More like I wanna vomit

iCommit – More like I wanna vomit

This wonderful little package was a Groupon deal I bought.  It came with these protein shakes, vitamins, and some fat blocker stuff.  The shakes were disgusting!  I choked down one and I was over it.  So today I put them on my Facebook yard sale site for $10.00 thinking, “who is going to pay for this stuff?”  Apparently a lot of people!  I had several messages of people saying they wanted it and confirming that it was ONLY $10.00.

It just amazes me at what people buy.  I have a knockoff Coach purse that I am selling for $20.00.  It is brand new and I can’t sell it, but gross protein shakes I probably could have gotten $20.00 for.  Maybe I should have put the protein shakes IN the purse and sold it for $30.00!

Hope you enjoyed my random green adventure blog today!  Make sure you head over to Clan Donaldson and see all the other Green blogs!

Theme Thursday – Piles

I was super excited when the Clan Donaldson Theme Thursday Schedule popped up on my Facebook feed Sunday, that was until I read this weeks theme.  Piles??  What the heck am I going to take a picture of?  A boring pile of leaves?  Wooden Piles?  Maybe if I could get a picture like This it would be worth it, but I don’t see that happening.  Whatever you do, do NOT Google piles looking for inspiration.   You did it didn’t you?  I warned you.  It is NO inspiration at all!!

So Monday rolls around and I get home from work and start working on selling stuff for our move.  I look at the laundry basket filled with shoes that are for sale and think, a pile of shoes!  I grab my camera and snap a picture.

White Balance - Cloudy ISO 6400 F8

White Balance – Cloudy ISO 6400 F8

I’m not impressed and look around the house for a pile of something else but there is nothing.

Lacy comes into the living room and hand me a stack of cash for bills.  She says, “You’re lucky.  I just happened to have $127 in cash from yard sale money so you get bill money right away.”  I take the money and say, “Piles of money!”  Lacy gives me a weird look and I explain this weeks theme.  She looks around the living room and says, “Piles of salt shakers?’  I look over and there is a pile of salt & pepper shakers on the table that Dad brought over for me to put on my Etsy site.

WB Auto ISO 6400 F8

WB Auto ISO 6400 F8

Still not impressive.

So I take Lacy’s cash, grab the cash in  my purse and my stash from my room and make a pile of money.  Normally we do not have piles of money laying around the house, but since we have been selling so much stuff and spent the whole weekend having yard sales, Voila! A pile of money!


WB Warm White Florescent ISO 6400 F3.5

This week was a challenging one, but I got creative and pulled it off!  I also challenged myself to incorporate our moving experience with the photo theme and that seemed to work out for me too.  Next week is Green and I already have some fun ideas for that one.  Ok, I already have pictures on my computer that I know I am going to use for that one, but trust me, it will be fun.  I also have a fun one planned for Thursday the 21st.  That one is going to use some pictures from this past summer, but will also include a video!  Look at me planning ahead instead of flying by the seat of my pants!

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