Theme Thursday – Fences

This was, by far, the easiest Theme Thursday for me in awhile.  Living on 80+ acres with cows and horses, we do not have a shortage of fences.  PLUS…it rained last night!  I know that may not be exciting for those of you that live in places other than Central California, but it was the most exciting day for me in months!  Our brown skies turned blue again and I was inspired to take a walk and capture as much of the beauty as I could.

Interesting note:  I wrote this post 4 weeks ago (look at me being all prepared) and had to share that it rained again last night (February 26th).  What a weird coincidence.   I guess Mother Nature wanted to make sure I wasn’t lying in my posts!  Anyway, on to the fences….

I could not decide which photo was my favorite so I am posting a few.

ThemeThursday 016 ThemeThursday 014 ThemeThursday 027 ThemeThursday 024 ThemeThursday 028

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