Week in Review

Monday – My big accomplishment was moving my HUGE Cal King bed out of my room and putting in the new full size bed I snagged from dad.  It resulted in our house looking like this:

Cal King beds take up a lot of room and make a maze out of hallways!

Cal King beds take up a lot of room and make a maze out of hallways!

Lacy is not thrilled with me at the moment to say the least.  I did sell a mirror Monday & made $55.  Lacy is doing well with her sock sells on E-bay (that is a whole separate post we will get to one of these days).

Tuesday – The last day of April – Made my savings goal!!  I transferred all the money into our travel savings this morning.  It was down to the wire, but I did it! The goal for today is to get the bed in the hallway sold!  Lots of sales on E-bay today too, which is making a nice start to May’s savings goal.

Tuesday Update:  Bed is gone!!  We have a hallway back!

Wednesday:  I have 2 secret shops to do today and 2 scheduled for tomorrow.  Busy week.  I also woke up to this e-mail on Facebook today: “So you still had it after your yard sale? You were going to lower the price??? I assumed you sold it because you never got back to me. I guess you’re offering it to someone else????”  Quick back story here;  I posted this leaf face wall decor on the Facebook yard sale group for $10.  This woman messaged me at 3:30 am to ask me if I would take $5 for it.  I told her, Maybe if I still have it after our yard sale tomorrow.  She told me if I set it aside she would come get it around 10am.  I didn’t respond, it was 3:30 am and I needed to be up at 6! So the next day I get this message, “Where r u? Did u sell it? Ill come by now…”  I respond telling her I still have the item and gave her the address.  At this point we are in the middle of our yard sale.  She tells me, “Please set it aside. Ill come now.”  So I tell her ok, but it is $10 and she tells me never mind.  I tell her, “If i still have it after the yard sale I’ll go down on it, but not right now, we’ve had a lot of people come by.” She just replies with Ok.  Well after the yard sale I was still making arrangements for people to come over to look at a few things and selling more of the big stuff.  I was exhausted and really wasn’t worried about the leaf face.  I did bring it in the house so I could e-mail her, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to lower the price on it yet.  I did have a lot of people look at it and really like it and thought maybe I could get the $10 out of it on E-bay.  Yesterday I had another woman comment on the picture of it on the yard sale site asking about it, which prompted the e-mail I received this morning.  I just responded to her telling her that I had been busy and hadn’t thought about it and couldn’t meet this week anyway.  She really rubbed me the wrong way.  I don’t respond well to people being pushy and I felt like she was just pushing the $5 price on me from the start.  I hadn’t even agreed to it, I said MAYBE AFTER the yard sale and she was coming over in the middle of it to get it for the lower price.  I deleted it off the Facebook page.  I don’t want to deal with her and her attitude, I’ll sell it somewhere else.

I swear I can do a whole blog just on rude people on Facebook!

Thursday & Friday: Nothing got accomplished.  I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from work both days.  I even missed Theme Thursday!!   Friday night we did go see Vokab Kompany (I’ll upload pictures from the show on our Flicker site soon).

Saturday:  Sold another set of tires and Lacy FINALLY sold her table!!  It was a good day for both of us.  We also did 3 secret shops and some shopping in the mall.  Not too much got accomplished with selling, but it was a good day.

Sunday was a lazy day.  I watched Fringe all day and Lacy had a weird schedule and had to go to work at 3pm.  Not much of anything got done. Nothing got done.

Things are getting a little overwhelming and going to work each day is getting harder and harder.  Only two more months left.  When it comes to going to work that seems like such a long time, but when it comes to getting stuff sold and the house cleared out it seems like such a short time!