My Five Favorite Things About My Stay in Georgia

(Edit:  Even when I think I am keeping up on the blog, I’m not.  I thought this was published WEEKS ago!)

Last week I stayed with my old roommate and his family at their home in Cumming, GA.  Here are my five favorites from my stay.


This covered bridge

Georgia 015



There should be a picture of fireflies here, but that didn’t happen.  What happened was, I went outside and heard a horrible hiss/scream type noise. I told Keionna and she came out to listen and said it sounded like a possum. That made sense. She went and got the night vision flashlight and we started looking for what was out there when we heard something coming thru the trees snapping twigs on the other side of the yard. That’s when I decided I didn’t need any pictures of fireflies and we went back inside. I’m positive this is what we heard out there:8de7_Forest_Ogre_Character_Design_by_firecrow78


All the scenery reminds me of The Walking Dead
Seriously, I can’t drive anywhere without thinking about the show.
If I had someone to geek out with me, I would do this tour:  The Walking Dead DIY Tour
(Update: My roommates daughter is interested in going on the tour.  I’m excited I have someone to geek out with!  We are planning the tour for when I return to Georiga in a moth or two)


These taxidermy squirrels playing cards in an antique store



These guys arrived during my stay.  They are the cutest guinea fowl ever!


And just for good measure I am going to throw in this photo too…

June2014 015