Muddy Roots 2014

Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN is something I look forward to every year.  It is held at the June Bug Ranch over Labor Day weekend and everyone gathers in the field for a wonderful weekend of music and fun.

This year started out with a pre-party on Thursday night where Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band performed their last show.  I was fortunate to see The Broken Band play several times this year, but it was still sad to think that this was their final performance as a group.  I was a little disappointed that they were on such a small stage, but the music and the crowd were great and they had a great final show. 

Friday the music continued and I got to see James Hunnicutt perform a Misfits cover with Hillbilly Casino.  This is always one of my favorite things. 

I was also harassed by a giant grasshopper during the Hillbilly Casino set.  I thought someone threw something at me at first and then noticed the giant bug on me.  I swatted it off and it hopped right back up.  Later I watched it sit on the ground watching all the people go by until it slowly turned and hopped toward me a third time.  I went and stood closer to the stage after that!

Another highlight for me on Friday was seeing J.B. Beverly and Rory Kelly play.  They performed songs off of J.B.’s Stripped to the Root album and Rory did a few of his songs as well. 

MRMF2014 016

Saturday brought rain and mud and more good bands like, Dead Soldiers, A Man Called Stu, Hangdog Hearts, Reverend Beatman, and many, many more.  The Goddamn Gallows were supposed to play Saturday night, but because of rain got pushed to closing out the festival on Sunday night.

Because of all the rain, Saturday night sets went on until the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Lacy and I both crashed out and missed the last three or four bands of the night.  The Blasters are the last thing I remember hearing before I fell asleep Saturday night.

MRMF2014 085

Sunday Everymen played.  They are a fun band that always put on a great show!  They even gave out pool noodles to the crowed to have fun with.

Another favorite moment from Sunday was when James Hunnicutt, Rachel Kate, and Brook Blanche got on stage with Sean and Zander.

MRMF2014 128

The night ended with The Hooten Hallers and The Goddamn Gallows to close out the festival.  Two bands that I love very much and never get tired of seeing.  The Hooten Hallers had a whole new set with new members so it was kind of like seeing them for the first time all over again.

Monday morning we got up, got packed up, took one last shower, and said goodbye to the field until next year!

MRMF2014 149