It’s liberating and terrifying to get rid of all your stuff.  Why are we so attached to stuff?  It’s just stuff.  Most of it we don’t even look at or think about, but at soon as it’s time to get rid of it, it’s “WAIT!!!  I can’t get rid of THAT!  I love that thing.”  It’s silly.

I mailed out a purse that I sold on E-bay today.  I put it in the mailbox and turned around to get back in my car and felt panicky all the sudden.  It wasn’t even a purse that I used all that often.  It wasn’t even one that I really liked all that much.  I don’t know what caused that panicky feeling, but all the sudden it was there.  Maybe it is because I have been selling a lot of stuff on E-bay lately and it is starting to be noticeable around the house that things are gone.  There is less stuff.

I got over the panicky feeling pretty fast and laughed at myself for it.  Later as I scrolled thru my Facebook wall I came across the perfect quote that sums it all up.  I’m not looking for stuff, I am looking for happiness.

“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over you body.” – George Carlin