Week in Review

I took Monday and Tuesday off last week.  The band Viva Le Vox was coming into town and they usually stay at our house so I wanted to be able to visit with them more than I normally get to.  They didn’t end up staying with me, so the days off turned into days to get things done.  Monday I got the gym out of the way early and then worked on blog stuff and ran a few other errands.  Monday night I went to Audies to see Viva le Vox and Joe Buck play.

Viva le Vox

Viva le Vox

You can see more pictures from Monday night on my Theme Thursday post from last week.

Tuesday I got to sleep in & had a dentist appointment to go to (Lacy went on Monday) then got a few more errands ran that I needed to take care of.  Lacy got some stuff posted on line, I however had done nothing so far this week to make progress for our trip.

Wednesday – Nothing exciting to report.  Posted some stuff to E-bay and Lacy posted some stuff to Facebook and Amazon.

Hello??  Did anyone see my Thursday?  I swear it was just here a second ago.  No?  Oh well, guess we will just move on to Friday.  I went home Thursday evening, made dinner, ate and watched an episode of Fringe.  I woke up in the dark living room with bird sitting on his perch going, “boop boop boop” really quietly.  Guess I was tired and needed a nap!

Friday –  Lacy and I both struggled thru the work day.  We were excited to get out of town for the weekend and couldn’t wait for quitting time.  When we finally got off work  we packed up our stuff and drove to Atascadero and spent the night at Motel 6.  I know, I know, so much build up to just drive to Atascadero to stay in a Motel 6.  The real fun came on Saturday.

Saturday – We attended the Higher Grounds Music Festival at Pozo Saloon.  We got out to the festival around 2pm and stayed until Yelawolf and Travis Barker played (they were who we were there to see).  I’ll have a post up tomorrow with much more details about our Higher Grounds experience.  Before the concert we drove around Atascadero exploring and found a cool little cafe to eat at.  They served my veggie omelet and home fried with a small piece of fried chicken, but  I told the waitress that I was going to just pretend that I didn’t see it and get over it.  I really wanted those potatoes.  We even went to the Atascadero Lake & Park and walked around for awhile.  After the concert we stopped in San Luis for some food and headed out to find a hotel in Morro Bay.

Sunday – Sunday we got up and went hiking at the Montaña de Oro State Park and the Morro Bay State Park before heading back home.  I will have posts about both of these places up by Wednesday (hopefully).  I may even throw in a little bit about our time in Atascadero.  It was a fun weekend.  We tried to get in as many activities as we could before we had to come home.  We knew we weren’t going to have many more trips out of town until our life turns into one big trip in July.

We may not have gotten a lot of stuff accomplished toward our goal of traveling in July, but we did get to hear some great music and have a lot of fun this week!

Make sure you check back all week for updated on this past weekend and don’t forget about Theme Thursday.  I captured some great shots on our hike for that one!