February Review

Well, February is over and that means it’s time to go to Florida!  But before I head off to Florida, let’s review this last month.

I participated in my first redditgifts exchange.  If you haven’t participated or don’t know what this is, go here.  I was excited to get signed up and participate in my first exchange, but wasn’t so excited about the categories.  I ended up picking the Dinosaur exchange and LOVED it! I had fun shopping for my gifts to give and the person who sent me gifts NAILED IT!  My person wanted something to decorate his living room, so I got him these:

February2014 011

And since I love to travel, the person who bought me gifts sent me these:

February2014 114

It was a super fun experience and I’m glad I decided to just jump in with the dinosaur exchange.  Sign ups for new exchanges are going on now and I have already signed up for Snacks!  I can’t wait.

I also got to be on the ranch for the 3rd baby calf to be born!  I got to see it just hours after it was born and watch it take a few wobbly steps as it got a feel for its legs.

February2014 178

We also sold my old car and Granny’s car this month, put new tires on the Ramblin’ Van so it was ready for the drive to Florida, and picked a move date.  This month was also filled with visits to friends, wedding shopping and lots of family time.

The last day of February brought a couple of things.  The first was LOTS of rain.  I took a short video of it at 6am this morning since it is kind of impossible to sleep in a RV being rocked by wind a rain.  Unfortunately, that video came out very dark and boring.  Here is a pretty picture of the rainy view later that afternoon instead.


And finally, I signed up to participate in 100happydays (click the image below to find out how you can participate too).  You can follow along with my 100 days of happy posts on my Instagram (there is a link in the right column).


February was a good month and now I am ready to see what March has in store for me.  I know the one thing it has in store is Florida!

Mud(dy) Roots Theme Thursday

This Thursday’s theme is Mud so I am going to make it a Muddy Roots theme!

Our trip to Muddy Roots last year was the trip that changed it all for us (You can read about if here).  If you are not familiar with Muddy Roots Music Festival you should do yourself a favor and check them out.  Muddy Roots promotes everything from roots blues, bluegrass to punk rock and everything in between and spending the weekend on the ranch in Tennessee will change your life.  For one, it is beautiful there.  It is held at the June Bug Ranch in Cookeville, TN every year on Labor Day weekend.  Just the drive to get to the ranch is beautiful.

Rainbow over June Bug Ranch.  Told you it was beautiful there.  This was a view from our tent.

Rainbow over June Bug Ranch. Told you it was beautiful there. This was a view from our tent.

Then there is the music.  The beautiful, stomp your feet, dance around, and holler music.  One of my favorite memories was laying in my tent drifting off to sleep listening to The Reverend Horton Heat play live.  Yeah, yeah, I know you are wondering why I wasn’t at the stage watching The Reverend Horton Heat perform, but I was exhausted and I have seen them quite a few times and figured it was a good time to get some rest so I could catch the bands I had NOT seen yet.

And finally there are the people.  Everyone we talked to was wonderful.  We had neighbors on one side of us that were from Tennessee that came to the festival every year.  They had their awesome cars in the car show on Sunday.

One of our neighbors cool cars

One of our neighbors cool cars

When they set up they told us that if it rained we were more than welcome to take refuge under their canopy and when Lacy wanted to take a nap and I had no one to hang out with, they let me hang out with them by the cars and watch the bands.  They were awesome, laid back people.  Matter of fact, there was an incident that made Lacy and I laugh so hard.  On the second night Lacy took the flashlight and went to use the port-a-potty.  She came right back out and I said, “Well that was fast.”  She said, “Someone shit ON the seat!” So we decided we better inform our neighbors since they usually didn’t take a flashlight with them and it was dark and that was NOT a surprise we wished on anyone.  Now, we are from Fresno.  People are jerks here, which is a lot of the reason of why we are leaving.  If we were at a festival here and were in this same situation our neighbors would have be outraged.  I went and told our neighbors at Muddy Roots, “Hey guys, FYI, you don’t want to use that port-a-potty.  Someone shit on the seat.” to which we were greeted with roars of laughter.  You just don’t meet laid back people like that in Fresno.  Our neighbor on the other side was Clay.  He was from Missouri and came down all by himself and had the time of his life.

The thing about Tennessee in the summer is, it’s hot.  Not just hot, a sticky gross hot.  We knew at some point during the weekend it would rain and when that sky finally opened up and dumped the glorious rain we were waiting for, we rejoiced!  We ran thru the rain, we stomped in the puddles and mud, and we danced to the music.  Which leads us to our theme for this Thursday.  Enjoy these pictures of rain and mud at Muddy Roots.  I even included a video at the end.

Lacy playing in the mud

Lacy playing in the mud

Dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain

I'll throw this one in there too just for the heck of it, just because it is hilarious.

I’ll throw this one in there too just for the heck of it, just because it is hilarious.

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