Great Grey Owl

There has been a Great Grey Owl in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for a little over a week now.  This is the first time in 15 years that a Great Grey has been spotted in the park and I was luckily enough to get out of the office for an afternoon to go see him for myself.  This is why I love my job!

The Great Grey Owl typically inhabits colder areas and are rare for us to have in our park.  They are the largest owl in North America as far as height and wingspan and are fairly active during the day, which was nice for all of us who wanted to see it for ourselves.

Below are a few photos I captured of this wonderful creature.  Enjoy!

Humboldt 612



Humboldt 596 Humboldt 600



Theme Thursday – Sun Flare and Starbursts

Okay, okay, so the theme today is really just sun flare, but I got an awesome starburst photo that I have to share and Micaela over at California to Korea DID say there were no rules.

I want to thank Micaela for bringing back Theme Thursday and forcing me to pick up my camera and the blog again.  I’ve been super busy with my new job and going to school full time that I haven’t had a chance to do much here.  Theme Thursday also got me over to Hammond Trail to see my first sunset over the ocean since I have been here!

So without further ado, I give you starbursts and sun flare:

This one is my favorite!

Entrance to the trail.
ThemeThursday 034

This one is actually a cell phone picture that I took while bored when I was living at RV Park. This isn’t a filter. It’s all sunlight.
Sun flare in Redwood National Park

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