End of April Week in Review

I can’t believe April is nearly over!  There is so much still to do.

Monday – I applied for and got a secret shopper job.  $20 bucks to go do shopping that I have to do anyway?  Yes please.  I think the secret shops will be something that Lacy and I will be able to do on the road for some extra gas money too.  Also got a bunch of stuff loaded on E-bay.

Update on Mystery Shopping:  I registered with a few different companies and applied for a couple more shops. There are 2 shops Lacy and I are doing next weekend!  They may not pay a lot, but they will be easy for us to do on the road AND at the very least we know we will eat since a lot of them offer shops at restaurants and fast food places.

Tuesday – More stuff loaded to E-bay, couple of things selling for both me & Lacy.  Shipped out a comic book for Lacy today.  Trying to get as much done during the week so we can justify taking Saturday off to go up to a show in the mountains.

Wednesday – Spent almost my whole work day working on E-bay and getting tons of clothes loaded.  Shhh, don’t tell work that.  Lacy had a few comic books sell on Amazon.  I fought a headache the whole day so it was a struggle to get thru anything.  I’m just happy I got so many things posted to E-bay.  Sold 2 things on E-bay Wed. night.  Also had a person interested in the night stands to one of Dad’s bedroom sets he is having me sell.  I think I will have better luck selling it piece by piece.

Wednesday was also Administrative Professional Day.  My office was treated to a breakfast of fruits, yogurt, and pastries and a Mediterranean lunch.  There was also a vase of flowers in the lunch room with cards for everyone surrounding it this morning.  In the cards were AMEX gift cards for $50!  I have to say, I will miss Admin. Professionals Day in this office.  One year they took us to the local mall and gave all of us a $100 gift card and told us we could only spend it on ourselves.  We couldn’t buy anything for family members, the house, the kids, just stuff for ourselves.  After our shopping spree they then took us to an Italian restaurant and treated us all to dinner.  Best. Day. Ever.

Thursday –  Continued to get clothes loaded on E-bay.  Had 47 items listed by the end of the night Thursday.  I also bumped some posts on the Facebook yard sale groups to get more interest generated in them.  That resulted to the same asshole from last week that had asked if I was flat broke asking me, “Do you own a store or something?  You are on here posting stuff every day.”  I started to reply telling him that we had already been thru all of this and why was what I did so important to him and remind him that it is a yard sale group where everyone is selling their stuff.  Who cares how often or how much they post??  I typed it all out and then deleted it.  It is such a waste of energy.  I just went to my Facebook settings and blocked him.  I don’t need anyone stressing me out or giving me a hard time about something as silly as selling all of my stuff.  So, that will be the end of my problems with that one!

Friday – I’m short $346 of my savings goal for the month and have 5 days left of April (as of Friday).  Lacy had planned to go camping this weekend and I had planned to go see a show up in the mountains above Mariposa.  Instead I will be sitting at home posting items on E-bay, Craigslist, and Facebook, and doing everything I can to make that $346.  By the time I actually post this I should know if I’ll make it or not. At least I will be saving money by not going anywhere this weekend.  I’m sad about staying at home, but I know it will all be worth it come July.

Saturday – Not too much got accomplished but since Lacy didn’t go camping we decided to do a yard sale Sunday.  The highlight of MY Saturday was my trip to the grocery store.  I just ran in to get a couple of things.  On my way in I noticed a couple of cards on the ground.  When I came out, they were still there so I picked them up.  They were gift cards for Savemart.  When I got home I called to check to see if they had a balance on them.  They BOTH had $15 on them!

Sunday – We had an awesome yard sale!  Sold a set of tires and a bedroom set.  Lacy and I both did really well.  As of today (Monday morning) I have $83.00 more dollars to make to reach my goal for the month and I have someone coming over for a mirror tonight; if she shows up that will put me $28 away from my goal!