Columbia, Missouri

We had an awesome time in Columbia, MO.  I’d have to say it was the best night of the trip so far!

When I found out that Deke Dickerson was touring with The Reverend Horton Heat I figured I would check out the tour schedule and see if we could catch a show.  Turned out that we could catch the show in Columbia Missouri, which just happens to be Dekes hometown (just a little bit of random trivia for you).  It also turned out to be part of the 9th Street Summerfest shows and was free!

After the show, we headed over to Mojo’s where there was another free show.  We discovered another great band called The Flood Brothers and then got to see Hillbilly Casino play.  It was an awesome night of music.

We also met lots of interesting people.

While on 9th Street, just before we were getting ready to head over to Mojo’s, we stopped to watch the encore of Deke & The Reverend Horton Heat and a guy walks up to me.  This is how it went:

Guy:  Is this your friend? (nods toward Lacy)

Me:  This is my sister

Guy: OH, this is your sister? (Looks at Lacy, then back to me, then back to Lacy, then back to me) Y’all look nothin’ alike.

Lacy & Christy: Yep

Guy:  Y’all been told that before?

Christy & Lacy: Yep

Guy:  (turning back to Christy) I was just going to come over here and tell you how smokin’ hot your friend was.

Christy: My sister….my LITTLE sister.

Guy:  She’s your younger sister?  (turns to Lacy) How old are you?

Lacy:  How old do you think I am?

Guy: Oh no, you guys get mad at that kinda thing.  You go first and then I’ll tell you.

Lacy:  I KNOW how old I am!

Guy: Ah, your too quick for me.  I’m Ken, what is your name?  (We introduce ourselves) I used to be married to Barbie, but I had to divorced that bitch.  HA!

Ken:  Where y’all from?

Christy: California

Ken:  What brings you guys up here?

Christy:  We just came to see Deke play with The Reverend.

Ken:  Oh, you guys follow these guys.

Christy:  No, we are traveling the U.S. and were passing thru.

Ken: OH, California the State! (Lacy & I look at each other thinking, this guy is REALLY drunk) There is a California here in Missouri.  I thought y’all were from there.

Christy & Lacy: OH!

Ken:  Well, I just thought I would come say hi and see if y’all were interested in old guys, but you guys are cool, so I’m just gonna move on.

The best encounter was at Mojo’s.  We had gone outside to get some fresh air and this guy stumbles up and stops next to us.  Lacy looks at him and quickly looks away.  I, being who I am, turn around and say, “Hi!”

Guy:  I just got this new phone (Pulls phone out of pocket) Can you do me a favor?

Christy:  Uh….sure

Guy:  Can you press the microphone button and say (tells me address).

I do this and then the guy says:  Wait, call Taxi Terry first.

Christy:  Ok.  (Presses button and says to call Taxi Terry.  It doesn’t bring up anything) I don’t think it is working.

(Guy looks REALLY upset and disappointed)

Christy: Don’t worry, we’ll get it.  (I try it again and get the number to come up and hit dial and hand him the phone.  He talks to the dispatcher and makes arrangements for them to come pick him up)

Christy:  Are you all set?  Do you need help walking out?

Guy:  No, I got it (as he stumbles in to Lacy)

Lacy:  Are you sure?  Are you okay?

Guy:  Yes, and thank you both, you are both beautiful.  I’m not trying to hit on you, I just really need to get home.

We make sure he makes it to the gate and look at each other and I tell Lacy, “I seriously thought he was going to say, I jut got this new phone and it doesn’t have your phone number in it.”  Lacy bursts out laughing saying she was thinking the exact same thing!!

On that note, I will leave you with a few pictures of the evening…

Well, I WAS going to leave you with a few photos, but the internet connection  at this hotel is TERRIBLE!   I’ll do a photo post another day, hopefully soon, to make up for it.